Memorial and Frisco Students Grow Through AVID

AVID Students Pose with Business Cards and iPadsWhen Memorial and Frisco high school AVID students submitted essays for the chance to go on an educational field trip, they had no idea that they were submitting for a chance to receive an iPad and personal business cards, tour a Fortune 200 company and meet one of the greatest figures in American women's basketball.

Thanks to the generosity of Nancy Lieberman Charities Day at the Office program and Fiserv, 20 Frisco ISD students were invited to spend a day with local business leaders in an office setting while building self-esteem, confidence, decision-making abilities and growing their networking skills.

FISD Academic Partnership Coordinator Kelly Hemenway helped facilitate the opportunity for Memorial and Frisco high school AVID students and was thrilled that students benefited so much from the experience. 

  • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a program that targets students in the academic middle and supports them in taking advanced coursework. The mission of AVID is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society. Learn more.

Fiserv Presentation on Employee Wellness to AVID Students

Fiserv’s Director of Operations Patrick Law led the students through the Fiserv building explaining the different types of roles and responsibilities within the company. He stressed the value of collaboration and emphasized the importance of embracing opportunities.

“This opportunity was uniquely built for all of you because you and your future matter to us,” said Nancy Lieberman, legendary basketball player and coach. “You will have so many opportunities in life to learn and grow and this networking opportunity is a chance for you to make connections with people who want to support you.”

Students left Fiserv inspired to seek additional opportunities for themselves.

“I want to see what high school internships are available,” said Frisco sophomore Rayhan Ebrahim. “I taught myself CSS and I want to learn more.”

AVID Student Group Photo at FiservFrisco High School junior Eliab Garza felt the visit was an eye-opening experience.

“Opportunities are everywhere and I just need to find and follow up on them,” Garza said. “I could potentially travel the world and I want to see where my career and education take me.”

It was an incredible experience for the students in attendance and the District is thankful to Fiserv, Nancy Lieberman Charities and all organizations that partner with the FISD and its students.

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