High School Band Students Swing Into All-Region Ensembles

Students from all 12 FISD high school bands auditioned for placement in a Region 24 All-Region Band or Jazz Ensemble. Region 24 is comprised of Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper and McKinney ISDs, and is considered to be one of the most competitive regions in the state.

By the numbers: It’s clear why FISD was named Best Community for Music Education six years in a row. 

  • Ninth Grade Band - 64 musicians

  • Concert Band - 65 musicians

  • Symphonic Band - 62 musicians

  • Jazz Ensemble - 17 musicians

  • Wind Symphony - 67 musicians

  • Wind Ensemble - 42 musicians

  • Students in All-Region Band or All-Region Jazz - 301 musicians

  • Advancing to Area - 71 musicians

Students began working on selected etudes and/or jazz improvisation solos with guidance from the directors back in August. The top ranked students on each instrument advance to the Area round of auditions in early January.

Those who will compete in the Area auditions are working toward placement into one of the prestigious Texas All-State ensembles and are designated with an asterisk in the list below. Congratulations to all of these students and their incredible directors!

Wind Ensemble

*Anuj Aedavelli, Contra-alto Clarinet - Centennial

*Josh Jung, Oboe - Centennial

*Omkar Magi, Clarinet - Centennial

*Veda Udtha, Flute - Centennial

*Rohan Doshi, Eb Clarinet - Frisco

*Namrata Boggaram, Flute - Heritage

*Zoe Roush, English Horn - Heritage

*Gaurav Sarangi, Saxophone - Heritage

*Andrew Hildinger, Bass Trombone - Independence

*Pranav Kalaiselvan, Baritone Saxophone - Independence

*Nicholas Richa, Tenor Trombone - Independence

*Sahishnu Sathish, Tenor Saxophone - Independence

Gene Adam Anareta, Trumpet (Advanced to All-State Jazz Band) - Lebanon Trail

*Sofia Chaho, Horn - Lebanon Trail

*Wyatt Dunham, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

*Gwen Milette, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

*Swayamshu Mohanty, Oboe - Lebanon Trail

*Bar Natan, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

*Or Natan, Horn - Lebanon Trail

*Olivia Thomas, Piccolo - Lebanon Trail

*Elaine Xiao, Trombone - Lebanon Trail

*Adam Zhu, Tuba - Lebanon Trail

*Subina Baiju, Clarinet - Liberty

*Eujin Chung, Flute - Liberty

*Grayson Farese, Bass Clarinet - Liberty

*Joshua Graves, Horn - Liberty

*Madison Gray, Horn - Liberty

Salyan Karki, Percussion - Liberty

*Nicole Johnson, Clarinet - Liberty

Hannah Lee, Flute - Liberty

Lauren Maher, Clarinet - Liberty

*Andrey Pridgen, Horn - Liberty

*River Aquino, Bassoon - Lone Star

*Rhys Bulham, Tuba - Lone Star

*Logan Hunt, Tenor Trombone - Lone Star

*Landon Murr, Bassoon - Lone Star

*Ethan Gopez, Percussion - Memorial

Luke Welch, Percussion - Memorial

*Emelie Wu, Clarinet - Memorial

*Ryan Kim, Clarinet - Reedy

*Simeon Varghese, Percussion - Reedy

Jonathan Ye, Percussion - Reedy

Wind Symphony

*Carson Gentry, Tuba - Centennial

Allen Lin, Bass Clarinet - Centennial

Benson Lin, Clarinet - Centennial

Jasmine Lu, Flute - Centennial

John Robert Russell, Euphonium - Centennial

Matthew Vasquez, Tenor Saxophone - Centennial

Andrew Wang, Clarinet - Centennial

Polina Maltseva, Clarinet - Emerson

*Jayden McCall, Euphonium - Emerson

Kristian Ng, Flute - Emerson

*Chloe Rogers, Trumpet - Emerson

*Kaela Senerpida, Flute - Emerson

*Tyler Trahan, Euphonium - Emerson

*Tyler Hermann, Percussion - Frisco

Haneef Ibrahim, Euphonium - Frisco

Evan Kiley, Percussion - Frisco

*Minah Kim, Clarinet - Frisco

Ishana Krishnan, Flute - Frisco

Sarah Paul, Oboe - Frisco

*Olivia Ross, Trumpet - Frisco

*Aidan Yamashiro, Clarinet - Frisco

Anna Adcox, Saxophone - Heritage

Ian Cardenas, Bass Trombone - Heritage

Akshay Iyer, Tuba - Heritage

Aditya Kotaru, Horn - Heritage

Harshitha Mageshkumar, Clarinet - Heritage

Vivaan Sharma, Trombone - Heritage

*Samuel Brooks, Cornet/Trumpet - Independence

Amelia Friedman, Flute - Independence

*Shritan Khammamkar, Bass Clarinet - Independence

Angelina Leng, Clarinet - Independence

Vaishali Sathiyachalam, Piccolo - Independence

Pari Deshpande, Flute - Lebanon Trail

*Harsha Gadiraju, Horn - Lebanon Trail

Varsha Gupta, Trombone - Lebanon Trail

Rohit Katuri, Trombone - Lebanon Trail

Michael Knepler, Tuba - Lebanon Trail

Ethan Mathews, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Claire Nelson, Horn - Lebanon Trail

Bao Nguyen, Tuba - Lebanon Trail

Gianni Pesiri, Bari Saxophone - Lebanon Trail

*Jacob Roco, Percussion - Lebanon Trail

*Karan Sharma, Euphonium - Lebanon Trail

*Bridgette Thomas, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

Ellison Zhu, Trombone - Lebanon Trail

*Edward Zhuang, Saxophone - Lebanon Trail

Samuel Kim, Flute - Liberty

Kelvin Nguyen, Tenor Trombone - Liberty

Peter Peev, Horn - Liberty

Mia Wright, Tuba - Liberty

Jon DeAnda, Euphonium - Lone Star

Kody Grayson, Tuba - Lone Star

Mithun Mahesh, English Horn - Lone Star

*James Mangusing, Oboe - Lone Star

Garyn Marshall, Horn - Lone Star

Evan Phan, Bass Clarinet - Lone Star

Jeremiah Saguil, Tenor Trombone - Lone Star

Nathan Jones, Clarinet - Memorial

Seth Rugg, Clarinet - Panther Creek

*Caleb Brogren, Bassoon - Reedy

Bryce Freeman, Trombone - Reedy

*Riya Mane, Bassoon - Reedy

*Wyatt Soper, Percussion - Reedy

Sadie Bridge, Flute - Wakeland

*Cooper Hill, Saxophone - Wakeland

*Ella Park, Oboe - Wakeland

Cole Schettler, Horn - Wakeland

Jazz Ensemble

*Armaan Bahl, Baritone Saxophone - Centennial

Madhav Ravikiran, Trumpet - Frisco

Miguel Silguero, Tenor Saxophone - Frisco

Ishaan Thakur, Saxophone - Frisco

Gaurav Sarangi, Saxophone - Heritage

*Gene Adam Anareta, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

*Andrew Chen, Saxophone - Lebanon Trail

Stanley Chuang, Vibes - Lebanon Trail

*Bhargav Dinesh, Tenor Saxophone - Lebanon Trail

Bharath Guntaka, Bass Trombone - Lebanon Trail

Jacob Roco, Drums - Lebanon Trail

Karan Sharma, Tenor Trombone - Lebanon Trail

*Bridgette Thomas, Trumpet - LebanonTrail

Justin Chen, Trumpet - Liberty

*Mihir Potdar, Jazz Piano - Liberty

*Ethan An, Bass Trombone - Lone Star

*RIver Aquino, Jazz Piano - Lone Star

Symphonic Band

Brady Hughes, Bass Trombone - Centennial

Tyler Keeton, Trumpet - Centennial

Nick Koepp, Clarinet - Centennial

Rishi Padhy, Clarinet - Centennial

Sanjana Putta, Flute - Centennial

*Caroline Sanders, Bassoon - Centennial

Vedanshi Sreeramoju, Flute - Centennial

Jacob Weber, Bass Trombone - Centennial

Rayan Mirza, Trombone - Emerson

Mason White, Euphonium - Emerson

*Mananya Gupta, Piccolo - Frisco

Riley Huff, Flute - Frisco

Samant Lingala, Bass Clarinet - Frisco

Brianna Mihelich, Clarinet - Frisco

Faith Ryu, Clarinet - Frisco

Dhyani Shah, Flute - Frisco

Brandon Andrzejewski, Trumpet - Heritage

Prajwal Bhat, Percussion - Heritage

Joel Canedo Jr., Trumpet - Heritage

Marianna Delgadillo, Oboe - Heritage

*Justin Wong, Tuba - Heritage

Ayla Bourgault, Eb Clarinet - Independence

Pranav Iyer, Flute - Independence

Yaj Locsin, Bass Clarinet - Independence

Chloe Virden, Clarinet - Independence

Rachael Ye, Flute - Independence

Nicole Burnett, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Andrew Chen, Saxophone - Lebanon Trail

Bhargav Dinesh, Tenor Saxophone - Lebanon Trail

Atreya Ghosh, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Kathryn McCoy, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Junhye Min, Flute - Lebanon Trail

Makayla Montee, Horn - Lebanon Trail

Jesse Shin, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

Aarush Singh, Bass Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Alton Walker, Tuba - Lebanon Trail

Paula Sanchez Albornoz, Clarinet - Liberty

Sebastian Ferman, Horn - Lone Star

Vinay Gupta, Cornet/Trumpet - Lone Star

Tyler Martinez, Baritone Saxophone - Lone Star

Arhaan Nisar, Flute - Lone Star

Sibhi Rajan, Horn - Lone Star

John Seeley, Clarinet - Lone Star

Kingston Solecki, Cornet/Trumpet - Lone Star

Kris Stottlemire, Euphonium - Lone Star

Anthony Green, Horn - Memorial

Noah Philip, Saxophone - Memorial

Kaegan Rose, Horn - Memorial

Anna McPeek, Clarinet - Reedy

Aryan Rajpal, Percussion - Reedy

Priya Ramotar, Flute - Reedy

Max Roemer, Euphonium - Reedy

*Jake Roeren, Trombone - Reedy

Ethan Seibert Venable, Tuba - Reedy

Iniya Vidyashankar, Flute - Reedy

*Brandon Yeh, Trombone - Reedy

Andrew Antoun, Horn - Wakeland

Sam Arcanya, Clarinet - Wakeland

Isabelle Hay, Euphonium - Wakeland

Benjamin Miller, Bassoon - Wakeland

Hayden Ratermann, Oboe - Wakeland

Isabella Singleton, Horn - Wakeland

Concert Band

Seth Adams, Tenor Saxophone - Centennial

Gauri Agrawal, Bass Clarinet - Centennial

Armaan Bahl, Baritone Saxophone - Centennial

Vasant Balamraju, Flute - Centennial

Heetal Binwani, Flute - Centennial

Bella Howard, Flute - Centennial

Meenu Ramkumar, Bass Clarinet - Centennial

Vishal Thyagarajan, Clarinet - Centennial

Uta Ashida, Percussion - Emerson

Carter Kindla, Euphonium - Emerson

Leonie Manafa, Horn - Emerson

Eshaan Shaik, Euphonium - Emerson

Rahul Thokala, Tuba - Emerson

Laksh Gulati, Horn - Frisco

Adrian Alvarez, Clarinet - Heritage

Chapin Barnard, Trombone - Heritage

Ruby Chetty, Horn - Heritage

Chloe Lee, Piccolo - Heritage

Aiden Moulder, Percussion - Heritage

Easton Kilburn, Horn - Independence

Amrutha Kothakota, Flute - Independence

Emery Maxwell, Flute - Independence

Nethrashri Ramesh, Piccolo - Independence

Deetya Verma, Flute - Independence

Sofia Beltran, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

Chelsia Che, Flute - Lebanon Trail

Morgan Cross, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Reed Davidson, Percussion - Lebanon Trail

JT Erickson, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Jake McCoy, Trombone - Lebanon Trail

Seth Myrick, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

Izabelle Nasits, Flute - Lebanon Trail

Sean Park, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Erin Reidel, Tuba - Lebanon Trail

Timothy Shin, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Chase Skender, Percussion - Lebanon Trail

Grant Stephens, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

Megan Wang, Horn - Lebanon Trail

Rachel Chang, Clarinet - Liberty

Vibha Immedisetty, English Horn - Liberty

Arya Varda, Clarinet - Liberty

Ethan An, Bass Trombone - Lone Star

Preston Applegate, Tenor Trombone - Lone Star

Aubrie Fuller, Clarinet - Lone Star

Aaron Gambs, Clarinet - Lone Star

Cameron Hazzard, Cornet/Trumpet - Lone Star

Grace Leali, Tenor Trombone - Lone Star

Alice Ramirez-Garcia, Clarinet - Lone Star

Evan Sosbee, Saxophone - Lone Star

Parsa Kazemi, Clarinet - Memorial

Kate Morris, Clarinet - Memorial

Ayush Pai, Percussion - Memorial

Brianna Rausch, Clarinet - Memorial

Chase Baxter, Euphonium - Panther Creek

Archit Balabhadrapatruni, Percussion - Reedy

Sam Kim, Tuba - Reedy

Suhani Ramesh Kumar, Bassoon - Reedy

Timi Oduleye, Trumpet - Reedy

Skyler Schultze, Trombone - Reedy

Samantha Noorian, Horn - Wakeland

Evon Scheurich, Clarinet - Wakeland

Maaz Shamim, Saxophone - Wakeland

Paul Toomey, Trombone - Wakeland

Hayden Vedra, Trumpet - Wakeland

Scarlett Whitsell, Trumpet - Wakeland

Ninth Grade Band

Arianna Liu, Flute - Centennial

Chase Nelson, Trumpet - Centennial

Avril Park, Flute - Centennial

Adhit Pericherla, Bassoon - Centennial

Alicia Pulgarin, Oboe - Centennial

Adjoa Wilson, Bass Clarinet - Centennial

Andrew Despain, Bassoon - Emerson

Bella Kong, Flute - Emerson

Abhin Sivakumar, Tuba - Emerson

Steve Do, Horn - Frisco

Kellen Trice, Flute - Frisco

Ronit Bhadra, Oboe - Heritage 

Adit Roy Choudhury, Trombone - Heritage 

Shaan Patel, Baritone Saxophone - Heritage 

Noah Russo, Trumpet - Heritage 

San Vyas, Trombone - Heritage 

Sumedh Aditya Kanadhibhotla, Saxophone - Independence

Mia Arroyo, Clarinet - Independence

Caroline Hinkson, Piccolo - Independence

James Walker, Saxophone - Independence

Rosemary Chen, Bassoon - Lebanon Trail

TJ Dube, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Ananya Kulkarni, Clarinet - Lebanon Trail

Logan McManus, Tuba - Lebanon Trail

Jessie Mirike, Trombone - Lebanon Trail

Ananth Muralidharan, Percussion - Lebanon Trail

Rishivel Pasupathy, Euphonium - Lebanon Trail

Caleb Roderick, Horn - Lebanon Trail

Teena Thomas, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

James Zheng, Percussion - Lebanon Trail

Mason Bentley, Tenor Trombone - Liberty

Kanad Bhandarkar, Baritone Saxophone - Liberty

Arjun Dammalapati, Tenor Saxophone - Liberty

Danila Melnikov, Euphonium - Liberty

Somy Nagda, Bass Clarinet - Liberty

Jonathan Nguyen, Clarinet - Liberty

Daniel Barbarin, Bass Clarinet - Lone Star

Dylan Henderson, Horn - Lone Star

Noah Hewitt, Cornet/Trumpet - Lone Star

David Hyatt, Tuba - Lone Star

Hayden Keiser, Clarinet - Lone Star

Ryan Martin, Tenor Trombone - Lone Star

Marcelo Rivera, Cornet/Trumpet - Lone Star

Samantha Salinas, Flute - Lone Star

Brayden Beene, Percussion - Memorial

William Folkmann, Tenor Trombone - Memorial

Ada Olcay, Clarinet - Memorial

Reed Ratner, Euphonium - Memorial

Josiah Alexander, Horn - Panther Creek

Dhanya Casavaraju, Flute - Panther Creek

Luke Rugg, Trumpet - Panther Creek

Salvador Sanchez, Euphonium - Panther Creek

Jude Andrion, Percussion - Reedy

Ethan Kadivi, Tuba - Reedy

Madison Lam, Clarinet - Reedy

Shriya Madugula, Flute - Reedy

Kamila Reyes, Flute - Reedy

Abigail Smitherman, Clarinet - Reedy

Ishaan Satija, Clarinet - Reedy

Claire Beaird, Trumpet - Wakeland

Trip Hayes, Horn - Wakeland

Nina Kamo, Percussion - Wakeland

Mila Londono, Clarinet - Wakeland

Benjamin Wolfe, Clarinet - Wakeland

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