High School Musicians to Perform with All-Region Orchestra

Students representing all 12 FISD high school campuses recently competed in the annual Texas Music Educators Association Region 24 All-Region High School Orchestra auditions. More than 150 of these student musicians earned spots in the All-Region Orchestras!

The All-Region orchestra musicians will perform this Saturday, Dec. 10 at McKinney High School in a memorable collaborative showcase of area talent.The students have been preparing for the audition and concert since the beginning of the school year.

Congratulations to all the student musicians who were placed in one of the three All-Region Orchestras.


Kartike Chawla, Viola - Centennial 

Yejin Choi, Violin - Centennial  

Hongbo Fang, Violin - Centennial  

Junho Koo, Violin - Centennial 

Ethan Lau, Violin - Centennial  

Cieun Lee, Violin - Centennial 

Andrew Park, Viola - Centennial  

Allison Qiu, Harp - Centennial  

Kevin Yu, Cello - Centennial   

Alex Zhou, Cello - Centennial

Nathan Zhou, Harp - Centennial 

Hannah Jang, Violin - Emerson   

Andrew Kim, Viola - Emerson   

Yuna Kim, Violin - Emerson 

Nikhila Manikandan, Violin - Emerson   

Reeshan Waghmare, Violin - Emerson 

Aidan Bieghler, Bass - Frisco  

James Li, Cello - Frisco  

Alicia Zhang, Cello - Frisco  

Tanmayee Bharadwaj, Violin - Heritage  

Yixuan Guan, Piano - Heritage  

Sky Haviland, Violin - Heritage   

Kennedy Jordan, Cello - Heritage   

Rudhran Sathish, Violin - Heritage    

Shivani Anna, Cello - Independence  

Jeremy Cha, Violin - Independence   

Lucas Yeh, Violin - Independence   

Danielle Yoon, Cello - Independence 

Michelle Cheng, Cello - Lebanon Trail  

Kendall Gee, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

James Kwong, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

Evan Le, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

Nathan Minn, Violin - Lebanon Trail 

Evan Ng, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

Rhea Rai, Viola - Lebanon Trail  

Sukriti Sinha, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

Angela Tong, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

Elise Wang, Violin - Lebanon Trail   

Brian Zhou, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

Eddie Zhou, Cello - Lebanon Trail  

Avi Aggarwal, Viola - Liberty   

Pallavi Aggarwal, Viola - Liberty  

Ram Bonthala, Violin - Liberty   

Megan Hou, Violin - Liberty   

Nicole Johnson, Violin - Liberty 

Joseph Jung, Cello - Liberty   

Adler Xu, Viola - Liberty  

Katerina Yang, Violin - Liberty   

Sophie Yang, Viola - Liberty  

Jayna Yoon, Violin - Liberty 

Diana Zhang, Violin - Liberty    

Ted Ma, Violin - Lone Star   

Audrey Tan, Cello - Lone Star  

Liam Whitlock, Viola - Lone Star  

Shadai Haer, Violini - Memorial  

Ellen Jeong, Cello - Panther Creek    

Paree Sardesai, Bass - Panther Creek  

Advika Harihar, Viola - Reedy    

Rachel Kwak, Violin - Reedy  

Sophie Meinershagen, Viola - Reedy  

Ananya Nair, Violin - Reedy  

Kayla Oh, Violin - Reedy  

Aithreya Thoppay, Violin - Reedy  

Daniel Yi, Cello - Reedy   

Samuel Yi, Viola - Reedy  

Cristian Yohannes, Viola - Reedy  

Ethan Zheng, Cello - Reedy  

Michael Goppert, Violin - Wakeland  

Ruhi Kamo, Violin - Wakeland  

Daniel Kim, Viola - Wakeland

Jian Lee, Violin - Wakeland   


Trisha Bhatia, Violin - Centennial   

Kiana Fuentes, Violin - Centennial   

Michelle Howang, Viola - Centennial   

Vandana Krishnappa, Cello - Centennial   

Kieran Silver, Bass - Centennial  

Rithvik Sonwalkar, Bass - Centennial

Cayden Teng, Bass - Centennial   

Yeyoun Yu, Violin - Centennial   

Sheikh Ali, Viola - Emerson    

Wonjae Cho, Violin - Emerson   

Aarya Patel, Cello - Frisco

McKinley Xie, Cello - Frisco   

Lauren Frost, Harp - Heritage    

Pranav Soma, Violin - Heritage    

Bhavana Sudula, Viola - Heritage   

Jimmy Danjul, Violin - Independence   

Darshan Desai, Bass - Independence 

Lauren Lee, Violin - Independence   

Vanshika Yanala, Violin - Independence   

Abel Abraham, Cello - Lebanon Trail   

Lauren Ho, Violin - Lebanon Trail   

Helena Ocampo-Ramos, Violin - Lebanon Trail   

Andrew Sun, Cello - Lebanon Trail 

Annabel Tu, Violin - Lebanon Trail  

John Fu, Violin - Liberty   

Minseok Kim, Cello - Liberty 

Maggie Ma, Viola - Liberty   

Isaac Mo, Violin - Liberty   

Irene Na, Violin - Liberty   

Diya Ramesh, Violin - Liberty   

Kelly Shi, Violin - Liberty   

Varun Sinha, Violin - Liberty   

Abigail So, Violin - Liberty 

Callie Yim, Violin - Liberty   

Max Yin, Violin - Liberty 

Siri Ganapathineedi, Viola - Reedy   

Kent Hikima, Violin - Reedy  

Hannah Jung, Violin - Reedy   

Ocean Kafle, Viola - Reedy

Amy Lee, Viola - Reedy   

Ian Lee, Cello - Reedy

Ankit Majumder, Violin - Reedy 

Grace Oh, Violin - Reedy   

Kamryn Yessian, Violin - Reedy   


Rewa Bandaru, Violin - Centennial    

Katherine Bustetter, Violin - Centennial   

Yun Kim, Cello - Centennial

Sanjana Kota, Violin - Centennial    

Chuming Li, Viola - Centennial  

Saketh Molunguri, Violin - Centennial   

Shrinidhi Rengarajan, Cello - Centennial   

Stephanie Yu, Harp - Centennial   

Ariane Zhang, Cello - Centennial 

Owen Ryu, Violin - Emerson    

Abhay Nampoothiri, Violin - Frisco    

Daniel Ryu, Cello - Frisco 

Namya Sripati, Viola - Frisco  

Meghana Aduri, Violin - Heritage    

Ananya Balakrishnan, Harp - Heritage   

Ashvin Jayanthi, Violin - Heritage    

Jayden Koid, Violin - Heritage  

Shayne Maingi, Violin - Heritage  

Anna Roe, Violin - Heritage   

Jase Smith, Bass - Heritage  

Harini Sundar, Violin - Heritage   

Niyati Iyer, Violin - Independence   

Aryan Kondapally, Violin - Independence    

Max McCaulley, Violin - Independence  

Teja Papaiahgari, Violin - Independence  

Cayden Yim, Violin - Independence   

Hannah Baumel, Bass - Lebanon Trail   

Tanush Chintala, Viola - Lebanon Trail  

Zachary Leslie, Bass - Lebanon Trail    

Eva Smith, Viola - Lebanon Trail 

Aleena Sohani, Bass - Lebanon Trail  

Yejin Choi, Violin - Liberty    

Faris Faisal, Cello - Liberty 

Sahana Sethuraman, Violin - Liberty   

Mathias Wong, Violin - Liberty  

Lukas Funderburk, Cello - Memorial 

Neya Gupta, Viola - Reedy   

Sofy Gutierrez, Bass - Reedy    

Yoonsurp Lee, Violin - Reedy   

Gaurang Pendyala, Viola - Reedy   

Rayhan Raja, Violin - Reedy  

Nathaniel Taylor, Bass - Reedy   

Isabella Wertz, Cello - Wakeland 

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