194 Middle School Musicians Perform in All-Region Orchestras

2022 All-Region MS Orchestra RehearsalThis year, more than 190 middle school students earned spots in one of the Texas Music Educators Association Region 24 All-Region Middle School Orchestras after a rigorous audition process. 

TMEA released several music excerpts at the beginning of the school year and students prepared these pieces for months in anticipation of the audition.

The District looks forward to the continued success of all the orchestra students who were invited to the prestigious All-Region orchestra. The students performed in November at a memorable collaborative showcase of area talent.

Congratulations to all the student musicians who were placed in one of the three All-Region orchestras.


Keerthana Aduri, Violin - Roach  

Aditi Battiprolu, Harp - Lawler 

Charlize Bui, Viola - Fowler  

Phiona Bui, Violin - Fowler  

Madelyn Carreon, Cello - Maus 

Vedanth Chaganti, Violin - Cobb  

Dong-Geon Chang, Cello - Vandeventer 

Vindhya Chirala, Cello - Vandeventer  

Hyeonmin Cho, Viola - Wester  

Charissa Chung, Viola - Trent  

Lily Cui, Violin - Griffin 

Vaibhav Dharmasoth, Viola - Roach  

Akshith Doddi, Violin - Maus 

Aadee Doshi, Violin - Wester

Jason Eom, Violin - Maus 

Tanya Fu, Violin - Vandeventer  

Vir Gandhi, Harp  - Lawler 

Aditya Ganguly, Bass - Maus   

Pranav Jampani, Viola - Maus  

Jayden Jong, Violin - Trent  

Seung-hyun Jung, Violin - Vandeventer  

Daniel Kim, Cello - Cobb  

Eunho Kim, Violin - Lawler 

Hamin Kim, Violin - Wester  

Joie Kim, Violin - Fowler 

Justin Kwok, Violin - Fowler

Jason Li, Cello - Scoggins  

Thomas Liew, Violin - Nelson 

Eric Liu, Violin - Wester 

Ethan Liu, Violin - Vandeventer 

Snigdha Mettem, Violin - Roach 

Jonathan Mich, Viola - Pioneer Heritage  

Sahana Narasimhan, Violin - Vandeventer  

Olivia Nguyen, Cello - Griffin 

Veronika Obideiko, Harp - Vandeventer  

Shanelle Ondolo, Violin - Pearson  

Joseph Paik, Cello - Griffin 

Andrew Park, Violin - Wester 

Jian Park, Violin - Vandeventer  

Jiyu Park, Viola - Scoggins  

Richa Rai, Cello - Fowler  

Keerthana Rajasekar, Violin - Maus  

Ananya Reddy, Cello - Pioneer Heritage  

Rishin Roy, Viola - Lawler  

Darsh Sankaranaraynan, Bass - Lawler  

Natalie Shin, Violin - Fowler

Vaghul Srivallaban, Viola - Nelson  

Rishab Srivatsan, Viola - Vandeventer  

Michelle Tang, Cello - Fowler 

Sravya Tatiraju, Violin - Roach  

Shrinidhi Varadarajan, Viola - Vandeventer  

Katelyn Vu, Violin - Trent  

Vivian Wang, Cello - Vandeventer 

Jayden Weng, Violin - Lawler 

Jack Withrow, Cello - Cobb  

Kevin Xu, Viola - Fowler  

Amanda Ye, Cello - Nelson  

Louie Yeh, Violin - Nelson 

Amanda Yin, Violin - Griffin 

Angela Yin, Cello - Pearson 

Doyoon Yu, Violin - Vandeventer 

Nicole Yuen, Violin - Lawler 

Vanilla Zhang, Violin - Griffin 


Sneha Aellur, Violin - Fowler

Keerti Arun, Viola - Pioneer Heritage  

Abigail Baker, Cello - Griffin  

Adhyaan Balaji, Violin - Lawler 

Daniel Brown, Cello - Pearson  

Bright Cheng, Harp - Lawler  

Matthew Dela Cruz, Violin - Maus  

Elizabeth Ee, Violin - Pearson 

Amaan Ghalib, Cello - Roach   

Ophelia Grigoryan, Viola - Fowler  

Shreyas Gudivada, Violin - Pearson 

Armaan Gupta, Viola - Lawler  

Tanya Iyer, Cello - Pioneer Heritage  

Phil Jeon, Violin - Vandeventer  

Purva Joshi, Violin - Fowler

Angelina Khalife, Cello - Griffin  

Bryan Kim, Viola - Pioneer Heritage  

Sarah Kim, Violin - Vandeventer 

Abhiram Kode, Bass - Fowler  

Amit Koduru, Violin - Nelson

Sruthi Kotamraju, Violin - Roach  

Aditya Kothuri, Violin - Pioneer Heritage

Naisha Kumar, Violin - Lawler 

Jayden Li, Harp - Fowler  

Kevin Lian, Viola - Nelson  

Michael Liu, Cello - Fowler  

Stephanie Lu, Viola - Fowler  

Omar Mahasoom, Viola - Fowler  

Jacob Mattheus, Bass - Staley 

Saira Mathews, Viola - Roach  

Aanya Menon, Bass - Maus 

Sreeja Metta, Violin - Fowler 

Cailyn Na, Violin - Fowler

Ryan Nguyen, Violin - Vandeventer 

Ishan Pachnanda, Violin - Pearson 

Isabel Paik, Violin - Griffin 

Faith Park, Violin - Hunt  

Aksh Patel, Violin - Lawler 

Aarian Poddar, Violin - Pioneer Heritage 

Pranay Pottipati, Violin - Nelson  

Aditya Pradhan, Violin - Nelson 

Arushi Puri, Viola - Pearson  

Trisha Ramamoorthy, Harp  - Pioneer Heritage  

Oviya Rasu, Violin - Fowler

Krisha Sahay, Cello - Lawler  

Sounak Sen, Violin - Pearson

Hudson Smith, Cello - Maus  

Varsha Sriram, Violin - Fowler 

Alana Steele, Cello - Roach 

Shakti Subramanian, Cello - Lawler  

Sarah Tang, Cello - Vandeventer 

Hrishi Terlapu, Viola - Roach   

Shruthi Varadarajan, Viola - Vandeventer  

Samhita Velivela, Viola - Fowler  

Sanjeeva Vellanki, Violin - Roach 

Emily Wang, Violin - Pioneer Heritage 

Enze Wang, Viola - Pearson  

Koen Wang, Bass - Maus 

Aaron Williams, Viola - Maus  

Brandi Wu, Viola - Pioneer Heritage  

Matthew Yap, Violin - Trent 

Joonsoo Yoon, Cello - Pearson  

Eric Youn, Violin - Vandeventer 

Aileen Yun, Viola - Fowler  

Bote Zhang, Violin - Griffin  

Brian Zhou, Violin - Nelson  


Christopher An, Harp - Lawler  

Rohil Banerjee, Viola - Pearson  

Raya Bhaumik, Violin - Fowler

Angelina Blackburn, Violin - Lawler

Bella Cai, Violin - Fowler 

Brie Cai, Violin - Fowler 

Faith Carandang, Violin - Fowler 

Avanthika Chandrasekaran, Violin - Maus  

Cathy Cheng, Cello - Fowler  

Alice Chiu, Violin - Griffin

Joshua Cho, Cello - Pearson  

Young Joon Cho, Violin - Pearson  

Yehoon Choi, Cello - Lawler  

Ryan Dugan, Viola - Fowler 

Jihoon Eom, Violin - Maus 

Sophia Essa, Viola - Vandeventer

Rebecca Feng, Violin - Vandeventer 

Olivia Guo, Violin - Fowler 

Shaurya Gupta, Viola - Maus  

Yuna Hanaki, Violin - Pioneer Heritage 

Addison Hawkins, Harp - Stafford  

Brandon Hoang, Violin - Nelson

Felicia Huang, Violin - Cobb 

Sadie Johnson, Bass - Griffin  

Aiden Joo, Cello - Roach  

Aditya Kalisetty, Cello - Fowler  

Ignatius Kang, Violin - Vandeventer  

Trisha Kholay, Viola - Lawler 

Anna Kim, Violin - Fowler  

Ari Kim, Cello - Pioneer Heritage  

Arin Kim, Violin - Pearson 

Jayden Kim, Cello - Vandeventer  

Skylar Kim, Viola - Fowler

Victoria Lau, Violin - Wester 

Sayee Mulik, Viola - Vandeventer   

Manasa Nagaraj, Viola - Roach 

Sabari Nagarajan, Violin - Maus 

Cedric Ondolo, Cello - Pearson  

Daniel Park, Cello - Nelson  

Naomi Permana, Violin - Vandeventer

Laksh Pilla, Bass - Roach  

Kavya Prasad, Cello - Vandeventer  

Anuradha Punnam, Viola - Vandeventer 

Malea Rajan, Violin - Scoggins 

Dheekshitha Rajendran, Violin - Vandeventer

Ashvita Rajesh, Cello - Fowler  

Sofia Schulz-Torres, Bass - Griffin  

Sohan Shah, Harp - Fowler  

Akash Sharma, Violin - Fowler 

Mark Shi, Violin - Fowler

Claire Shin, Violin - Fowler 

Yeseo Song, Viola - Fowler 

Aaradhana Srinivasan, Violin - Vandeventer  

Khyathi Sunkara, Violin - Fowler

Pranav Thoppay, Violin - Pearson

Ashmitha Vineet, Violin - Maus  

Wayne Wang, Violin - Lawler 

Carys Wee, Violin - Fowler

Aiden Wi, Violin - Fowler

Danatra Widjaja, Harp - Lawler  

Amber Wu, Cello - Griffin  

Audrea Wu, Violin - Vandeventer 

Tori Yim, Violin - Vandeventer  

Aiden Yoon, Cello - Griffin  

Elly Zhu, Violin - Vandeventer 

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