Musicians Succeed in Opportunity-Rich Model

In a fantastic accomplishment, more than 200 students representing all 17 FISD middle school band programs competed and were placed into one of four Region 24 All-Region Bands. 

This highly competitive process began in August when students began to prepare scales and etudes for performance in a live audition. 

By the numbers: 214 FISD middle school musicians were invited to join the All-Region Band.

  • 55 Concert Band

  • 56 Honors Band

  • 5 Percussion Ensemble

  • 56 Symphonic Band

  • 42 Wind Ensemble

Congratulations to all who participated in the audition process, including those listed below who earned a placement in these esteemed honor groups.

Concert Band

Sriram Alla, Flute - Nelson  

Adhvaith Ananth, Alto Sax - Lawler  

Soi Baek, Flute - Griffin  

Humza Baig, Tuba - Pioneer Heritage  

Texas Bailey, Trombone - Wester  

Kayla Barton, French Horn - Hunt  

Braden Blalock, Euphonium - Stafford  

Maddy Camasura, Bb Clarinet - Nelson  

Evan Castellino, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage  

Caleb Choi, Percussion - Staley  

Harrison Coneway, Bassoon - Stafford  

Angelica Eshun-Kieme, Bb Clarinet - Nelson  

Jasmine Fang, Flute - Pioneer Heritage  

Eden Floyd, Trumpet - Cobb  

Tenley Fuston, Flute - Clark  

Nathan Goldberg, Trumpet - Nelson  

Jacob Graves, Trombone - Fowler  

Sakura Hatsushiba, Trumpet - Fowler  

Hayden Huff, Flute - Pioneer Heritage  

Akshay Jagan, Bb Clarinet - Vandeventer  

Nithilan Karthik, Bass Clarinet - Fowler  

Hayden Kim, Alto Sax - Pearson  

Abirami Koteeswaran, Flute - Roach  

Gavin Liu, Bb Clarinet - Vandeventer  

Rithika Manoharan, Trombone - Maus  

Isaiah Morris, Trumpet - Griffin  

Katelyn Moyle, Bb Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage  

Yohan Nguimfack, Bassoon - Pioneer Heritage  

Quinn Norton, Tuba - Nelson  

Sahas Nuti, Alto Sax - Pioneer Heritage  

Waka Okamoto, Percussion - Vandeventer  

Anish Paduchuri, Bb Clarinet - Scoggins  

Raghav Pillai, Oboe - Fowler  

Joshua Richards, Tenor Sax - Clark  

Aryan Roy, Percussion - Vandeventer  

Caleb Ryu, Alto Sax - Hunt  

Emerson Sabulsky, Bass Clarinet - Wester  

Ankh Samdaria, Alto Sax - Fowler  

Amelia Saucedo, Bb Clarinet - Wester  

Sribika Senthilkumar, Bb Clarinet - Lawler  

Abhay Singh, Tuba - Griffin  

Adya Singh, Trombone - Fowler  

Jinwoo Sok, Oboe - Wester  

Meg Sugie, Flute - Wester  

Collin Sun, Bassoon - Fowler  

Aubri Tarver, French Horn - Griffin  

Om Thandapani, Euphonium - Maus  

Omya Tomar, French Horn - Maus  

Caitlyn Uria, Trombone - Stafford  

Srihitha Vutukuri, Trumpet - Stafford  

Garrett Wells, French Horn - Stafford  

Yiyang Xu, Flute - Pearson  

Leela Yampalla, Euphonium - Cobb  

Ava Yarbrough, Tenor Sax - Trent  

Siri Yigalapati, Alto Sax - Pearson  

Honors Band

Mack Altman, French Horn - Wester  

Rohin Arol, Trombone - Maus  

Joshua Ball, Alto Sax - Clark  

Erik Barnett, Bassoon - Stafford  

Rhett Bassham, Trombone - Maus  

Matthew Biggs, Tuba - Clark  

Aditya Bolledula, Bassoon - Lawler  

Mahir Bozdag, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage  

Ziyad Chunawala, Bari Sax - Pioneer Heritage  

Speranza Coyle-Cross, Trumpet - Pearson  

Claire Durham, French Horn - Stafford  

Zaid Essayed, Euphonium - Wester  

Jordan Ferreira, Trombone - Hunt  

Anthony Gasperini, Euphonium - Maus  

Chris Ghandour, Trombone - Maus  

Samprithi Guruvikram, Flute - Fowler  

Jonathan Hermosillo, Tenor Sax - Maus  

Sofia Hernandez, Flute - Pioneer Heritage  

Jackson Hill, Trumpet - Trent  

Adeline Huang, Flute - Fowler  

Erin Kim, Flute - Wester  

Yuuta Kurniawan, Bassoon - Trent  

Austin Kwon, Tuba - Cobb  

Christopher Lanza, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage  

Addison Lee, Flute - Hunt  

Andrew Lehman, Trumpet - Stafford  

Leo Li, Alto Sax - Lawler  

Nicholas Manzanares, Bb Clarinet - Pearson  

Arya Mohan, Percussion - Lawler  

Alex Montiel-Janik, Trumpet - Clark  

Julian Rivera Morales, Trombone - Trent  

Kyra Nakagaki, French Horn - Pearson  

Abhignya Nanchala, Flute - Trent  

Adaeze Ozuah, Bb Clarinet - Maus  

Hayden Pilgrim, French Horn - Clark  

Ishanvi Pillai, Percussion - Roach  

Danush Raj, Percussion - Lawler  

Rohan Ravulapelli, Bb Clarinet - Lawler  

Truman Noguchi Royal, Trumpet - Scoggins  

Kamal Satheesh, Euphonium - Trent  

Tarunesh Sathish, Bb Clarinet - Fowler  

Ryan Schnelle, French Horn - Griffin  

Siddhant Setti, Bb Clarinet - Vandeventer  

Advaith Sirisanagandla, Tuba - Stafford  

Wesley Smittle, Euphonium - Pioneer Heritage  

Landon Stamper, Bb Clarinet - Pearson  

Jude Statham, Bb Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage  

Mihir Tare, Flute - Lawler  

Gavin Tran, Bb Clarinet - Fowler  

Kria Turimella, Oboe - Maus  

Lincoln Upshaw, Trumpet - Trent  

Benjamin Vasilkovsky, Tenor Sax - Fowler  

Will Vetkoetter, Alto Sax - Griffin  

Aiden West, Percussion - Roach  

Harry Whitsell, Trumpet - Cobb  

Binal Wickramasinghe, Euphonium - Maus  

Otto Wilcock, Tuba - Wester  

Percussion Ensemble

Mateo Fernandez, Percussion - Maus  

Ronald Larson, Percussion - Lawler  

Ansh Pathak, Percussion - Maus  

Yashas Saride, Percussion - Lawler  

Krish Vadivel, Percussion - Lawler  

Symphonic Band

Manya Ayodhiramanujan, Percussion - Fowler  

Chloe Bak, Flute - Clark  

Mahathi Baskar, Flute - Scoggins  

Paige Behunin, Tenor Sax - Pearson  

Abigail Belknap, Bb Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage  

Kate Bell, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage  

Macey Black, French Horn - Wester  

Srikar Bonala, Tuba - Lawler  

Bethany Bulham, Alto Sax - Trent  

Siena Cable, French Horn - Clark  

Jacob Campos, Trumpet - Clark  

Kathy Chen, Bb Clarinet - Fowler  

Grace Clark, Bb Clarinet - Cobb  

Landon Coats, Euphonium - Maus  

Nitin Deivasigamani, French Horn - Trent  

Kaylie Franklin, French Horn - Clark  

Nathan French, Euphonium - Cobb  

Carson Guziec, Trombone - Trent  

Rhea Jhaveri, Flute - Maus  

Chandra Nikhil Kalakada, Bassoon - Lawler  

Ridhima Kamath, Flute - Stafford  

Caleb Kim, Trombone - Clark  

Brandon Liang, Tuba - Lawler  

Sean Lim, Bb Clarinet - Maus  

Olivia Link, Bb Clarinet - Maus  

Katalina Manzanares, Flute - Pearson  

Joshua Mathew, Trombone - Scoggins  

Jon Monte, Trombone - Cobb  

Chloe Morrison, Flute - Trent  

Joely Murphy, Flute - Pioneer Heritage  

Dhyan Murthy, Trumpet - Lawler  

Dhruv Nutheti, Bari Sax - Lawler  

Alahna Porter, Alto Sax - Griffin  

Aryan Khurana, Euphonium - Pearson  

Tycen Reese, Alto Sax - Maus  

Allie Roderick, Bb Clarinet - Clark  

Isaac Rodriguez, Trombone - Maus  

Saniel Rostro, Alto Sax - Maus  

Karthik Saravanan, Alto Sax - Maus  

Anvesh Shivanatri, Bb Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage  

Heidi Simmons, Bassoon - Clark  

Ivanka Singh, Bassoon - Maus  

Antonio Smith, Percussion - Pearson  

Xilai Song, Trombone - Clark  

Austin Stieler Crouch, Trumpet - Scoggins  

Ares Stottlemire, French Horn - Stafford  

Noah Stumpf, French Horn - Maus  

Evan Tenkhoff, Percussion - Griffin  

Olivia Trahan, French Horn - Scoggins  

Aarav Thakkar, Flute - Maus  

Teddy Toma, Trumpet - Trent  

Maximus Vetkoetter, Trumpet - Griffin  

Ryan Villarreal, Euphonium - Clark  

Rajit Viral, Alto Sax - Fowler  

Paul Wang, Alto Sax - Vandeventer  

Cathy Yan, Flute - Scoggins  

Landon Yu, Euphonium - Lawler  

Wind Ensemble

Teymur Aliyev, Trumpet - Maus  

Nakul Arjarapu, Bassoon - Maus  

Serena Bhandari, French Horn - Maus  

Nicholas Brooks, Alto Sax - Fowler  

Mateo Cortez, Trumpet - Fowler  

Isaac Elisafidis, Trombone - Stafford  

Sam Farquhar, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage  

Tyler Fields, Bassoon - Griffin  

Ava Funderburk, Flute - Maus  

Eshaan Gautam, Percussion - Hunt  

Liam Greene, Tuba - Clark  

Saket Gurrapu, French Horn - Lawler  

Jack Johnson, Euphonium - Pioneer Heritage  

Ryan Johnson, Alto Sax - Pioneer Heritage  

Benjamin Kallus, Trumpet - Clark  

Zach Keelen, Tuba - Maus  

Shiloh Kim, Oboe - Fowler  

Atharva Kumar, Bari Sax - Fowler  

Nitosh Kumaravel, Alto Sax - Clark  

Yuuki Kurniawan, Tuba - Trent  

Serena Leng, French Horn - Nelson  

Grace Li, Flute - Fowler  

Chetan Mandadapu, Euphonium - Wester  

Jake Montee, Trombone - Fowler  

Jeewon Moon, Flute - Scoggins  

Mariana Nakano, Bb Clarinet - Scoggins  

Elise Nelson, Trombone - Clark  

Pranati Nemalikanti, Bb Clarinet - Maus  

Ethan Nguyen, Trumpet - Nelson  

Carli Olvera, Tuba - Wester  

Ryan Oxford, Euphonium - Maus  

Poornasai Panchumarthi, Oboe - Maus  

Ashley Park, Flute - Vandeventer  

Mikko Pasanen, Trombone - Maus  

Adarsh Patil. Tuba - Maus  

Daniel Puga, Trumpet - Pearson  

Morgan Rohrbach, Bass Clarinet - Maus  

Harrison Sabulsky, French Horn - Wester  

Dennis Sharp, Alto Sax - Griffin  

Tucker Shepard, Bb Clarinet - Wester  

Yves Shkolnikov, Percussion - Maus  

David Timpani, French Horn - Clark  

Andrew Xiao, French Horn - Fowler 

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