Student Gamers Level Up Through Esports

MHS Gamers

Frisco ISD continues to evolve based on emerging career pathways and interests of students, and gamers across the District are celebrating the latest course offering expansion, Esports III.

Starting in the 2023-24 school year, students that have taken Esports I and II have the option to take Esports III at the Career and Technical Education Center. The CTEC is currently under construction and will feature a specially designed space for esports when the construction is complete in 2024.

“Esports is more than just gaming,” said Lisa Curry, career and technical education coordinator. “Students are learning about video game programming, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, video game design and Audio/Visual production. 

“They are also investigating topics related to health and wellness in the gaming culture and so much more.”

Students in Jenn Jordan’s Esports II class at Memorial High School are studying video game design trends and researching for an upcoming presentation. 

“To these students, it’s not just about playing, it’s about exploring how to turn their passions into a real, profitable career,” Jordan said.

It’s also about meeting new people with similar interests, engaging in side-by-side gaming and finding a new circle of friends for after-school activities.

“The best part of this class is the diversity of students connecting and playing together,” Jordan said. “Gaming brings people together.”

Memorial Students Game with MHS Principal Potter

As the esports teacher, Jordan’s students call her Coach and considering she has 17 years of coaching experience, it’s fitting. She jokes that she feels like the managing director of esports as she guides students to grow their passions, helps them build stamina and trains them to become strong team leaders. 

Around the class, students are quick to encourage each other, take the lead and offer advice to their teammates. It isn’t uncommon for there to be spontaneous cheers and high-fives across the classroom every few minutes.

Juniors Huzaifa Usmani and Matthew Lopez look forward to the class each “B” day when they can practice and compete with their esports team.

“We built our team in this class and it’s been a great way to meet other people with common interests,” Usmani said.

Lopez agrees and points out that their esports team wouldn’t be as close as they are if they didn’t have this class.

The expansion of esports is completely student-driven,” Jordan said. “Each day esports students are embracing teamwork, challenges and communication… all the future-ready skills that we aim for in our Frisco ISD students.”

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