Robertson and Child Nutrition Secretaries are Top Notch

Oct. 2022 Standing Ovation DuoFrisco ISD students and teachers are supported by many staff members who go above and beyond behind the scenes. The District presents Standing Ovation Awards to two staff members each month who make a difference each day on their campus ensuring that students' needs are met and other staff members are attended to, heard and valued.

Recently, Robertson Elementary secretary Jill Corey and Child Nutrition Program operations secretary Julia Malyon were recognized with Standing Ovation awards for their commitment to the District. They will be honored at a special event in the spring.

Congratulations to Corey and Malyon, two exceptional individuals with huge hearts for students and staff around the District.

Jill Corey with Robertson Staff and Waldrip

Jill Corey - Secretary, Robertson Elementary

Jill Corey stepped into her role this year and leads the campus with unmatched gusto. The staff is thankful for her can-do attitude and commitment to helping others. She can often be found covering classrooms so teachers can attend data meetings, assisting with lunch duty when coverage is short or even escorting kindergarten students who need a little support navigating hallways. 

Corey embraces every challenge and question. When she doesn’t know an answer, she’ll research and seek answers with a smile. When staff have ideas for something but can't figure out how to make it happen, she is quick to come up with a better solution than originally conceptualized. Corey makes the entire staff feel heard, appreciated and valued!

There is not a day that goes by when she's not doing or saying something to make everyone around her smile and laugh. Not to mention her ability to make others smile when she dances like no one is watching at Good Morning Robertson! She makes Robertson an amazing campus and the entire staff feels so lucky to have her support!

Julia surrounded by CNP crew and Waldrip

Julia Malyon - Operations Secretary, Child Nutrition Program

Whether it's cashiering at an elementary school, filling in as a cafe supervisor or coordinating the monthly Board of Trustees dinner, Julia Malyon is a jack of all trades who is always polite and helpful to anyone she encounters. In Child Nutrition, there are over 65 openings and Malyon helps to fill this gap every day even though she has a full-time position as the operations secretary. 

Malyon is an unfailing champion for the department and those around her. She consistently wants to make sure campus programs and staff are recognized for their hard work! Whether it's an office gathering or School Lunch Hero Day, she’s quick to take pictures and recognize those in the department who exemplify  #FISDMadeToShine.

The operation coordinators keep her busy with multiple reports to track the efficiency of each school and Malyon is always quick to get the job done with a smile! She is the "go-to" person because she sees every challenge as an opportunity. The Child Nutrition team knows that Malyon is one of a kind and feels like it’s time for her to be recognized since she often cheers on those around her! 

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