All-Region Choir Students Shine Amongst Region

Congratulations to the more than 160 Frisco ISD choir students selected to join one of the 2022 Texas Music Educators Association Region 24 All-Region Choirs!

Little Elm ISD hosted the 2022 TMEA Region 24 All-Region Choir auditions where all 12 Frisco ISD high schools recently competed and earned placement in one of the celebrated choirs. Region 24 includes the Little Elm, McKinney and Prosper school districts in addition to Frisco.

Selection to one of the TMEA All-Region Choirs is a significant accomplishment as it is the first step towards earning a place in the All-State Choir. Fifty-four Frisco ISD singers will continue to the next phase of the All-State auditions, Pre-Area, which will be held in late November. The students will compete for a coveted spot by singing pieces they have been rehearsing since the summer with an additional sight-reading component.

Save the Date

The All-Region Choirs will hold a concert that is free and open to the public at 5 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 5 in the auditorium of McKinney High School. The Frisco ISD community is encouraged to attend and support the esteemed regional choral program.

Congratulations to all of these 2022 All-Region Choir members and their fantastic directors:

Mixed Choir (Advancing to Pre-Area)

Rebecca Ake, 11th grade - Frisco

Karthik Anipindi, 9th grade - Centennial

Spencer Austin, 11th grade - Memorial

Leighton Bussert, 11th grade - Frisco

Ananyaa Candula, 10th grade - Independence  

Julianna Carden, 12th grade - Heritage

Caroline Grace Caruso, 12th grade - Liberty

Emma Christensen, 10th grade - Heritage

Victoria Clark, 12th grade - Wakeland

Marianna Delgadillo, 12th grade - Heritage

Snigdha Eleswarapu, 12th grade- Centennial

Madison Glazier, 11th grade - Wakeland

Isha Goel, 10th grade - Centennial

Brooke Granberry, 10th grade - Liberty

Braedan Gross, 9th grade - Independence

Easton Hancock, 12th grade - Heritage

Rueben Jacob, 9th grade - Centennial

Mansi Kasagani, 10th grade - Centennial

Aayumi Katre, 10th grade - Wakeland

Charlie Kirby, 12th grade - Reedy

Arjun Krishnan, 11th grade - Centennial

Cydney Leach, 12th grade - Heritage

Morgan Lilly, 12th grade - Frisco

Rohan Mahesh, 12th grade - Frisco

Dhruv Maruvada, 12th grade - Liberty

Natalie McCaghren, 10th grade - Wakeland

Neharica Mehendale, 12th grade - Frisco

Victoria Mendy, 12th grade - Frisco

Solai Nachiyappan, 9th grade - Wakeland

Aditya Nimbalagundi, 10th grade - Independence

Trevor Odum, 12th grade - Wakeland

Faith Olores, 9th grade - Lebanon Trail

Abhineeth Pasam, 10th grade - Liberty

Arya Patil, 12th grade - Liberty

Anabelle Parra, 12th grade - Frisco

Shriya Pattangi, 12th grade - Liberty

Vasudha Penmatsa, 11th grade - Reedy

Isaac Pereira, 10th grade - Frisco

Madelyn Pitts, 12th grade - Frisco

Anirudh Prabhu, 12th grade - Heritage

Hasitha Putcha, 12the grade - Independence

Rohan Ralli, 11th grade - Centennial

Neville Renjit, 11th grade - Centennial

Nate Salazar, 11th grade - Panther Creek

Kemuel Santiago, 10th grade - Emerson

Ryan Shou, 11th grade - Centennial

Eliette Snow, 11th grade - Lone Star

Bria Suggs, 12th grade - Memorial

Mallika Suryadevara, 11th grade - Frisco

Khent Tan, 11th grade - Centennial

Roshan Vijay, 12th grade - Heritage

Sydney Weens, 11th grade - Reedy

Sai Sharan Yanamandra, 10th grade - Lebanon Trail

Ci Yang, 12th grade - Lebanon Trail

Treble Choir

Kayla Ballesil, 11th grade - Emerson

Riley Del Buonno, 12th grade - Centennial

Grace Carter, 9th grade - Centennial

Raima Choudhary, 9th grade - Frisco

Reet Choudhary, 12th grade - Frisco

Rhea Chaudhuri,10th grade - Independence

Shreya Dinesh,10th grade - Independence

Naila Hakeem-George, 12th grade - Heritage

Brooklyn Hurt, 10th grade - Lone Star

Isabella Jimenez, 12th grade - Centennial

Olivia Kim, 11th grade - Reedy

Anna Kosnar, 12th grade - Wakeland

Rasika Krishna, 11th grade - Centennial

Grace Leali, 12th grade - Lone Star

Claire Mullen, 11th grade - Independence

Srividya Nalladdhighal, 12th grade - Liberty

Sia Parpelli, 10th grade - Liberty

Caitlin Phen, 9th grade - Frisco

Mythili Pratap, 10th grade - Liberty

Siona Puthran, 10th grade - Liberty

Aslyn Quijano, 12th grade - Centennial

Amanda Riley, 10th grade - Lone Star

Sophia Rios, 12th grade  - Lone Star

Roshmika Roy, 9th grade - Frisco

Julia Rutter, 10th grade - Lone Star

Uswa Saeed, 12th grade - Centennial

Ananya Sankaran, 11th grade - Heritage

Somya Shah, 12th grade - Heritage

Anah Shaikh, 12th grade - Lone Star

Rylee Sinner, 11th grade - Lone Star

Jiya Surywanshi, 12th grade - Liberty

Joan Udeh, 10th grade - Heritage

Sriya Vadlakonda, 10th grade - Reedy

Madison Wise, 11th grade - Independence

Makenzie Wolff, 10th grade - Wakeland

Jana Yip, 11th grade - Liberty

Honor Choir 

Parker Adams, 9th grade - Lone Star

Nikhil Aluri, 10th grade - Lebanon Trail

Isabelle Babao, 10th grade - Heritage

Danielle Babcock,10th grade - Independence

Shree Balaji, 9th grade - Independence

Ethan Bearden, 9th grade - Centennial

Morgan Bell, 10th grade - Centennial

Saanvi Bhasin, 11th grade - Liberty

Nikhita Bodapati, 10th grade - Independence

Silas Bourne, 9th grade - Lone Star

Grant Brake, 12th grade - Heritage

Jacob Buntyn, 12th grade - Lebanon Trail

Dillon Denman, 11th grade - Lebanon Trail

Aryan Diyeshwar, 11th grade - Heritage

Tanner Duffy, 12th grade - Lone Star

Tristan Dumas, 11th grade - Reedy

Seth Garza, 10th grade - Heritage

Pranav Gopinathan, 10th grade - Memorial

Aditi Gudiboina, 9th grade - Frisco

Vaibhav Gupta, 12th grade - Liberty

Ryan Hansberger, 9th grade - Lone Star

Haley Hicks, 10th grade - Liberty

Nazareth Hill, 11th grade - Frisco

Meredith Holmes, 9th grade - Lone Star

Priyanka Jidagamu, 12th grade - Independence

Mia Johnson, 12th grade - Lone Star

Juhi Kashyap, 9th grade - Liberty

Bryce Kemppainen,10th grade - Independence

Nitya Kondaparthi, 9th grade - Wakeland

Anil Kumar, 11th grade - Lone Star

Ashvita Suresh Kumar, 10th grade - Liberty

Madison Kuypers, 12th grade  - Independence

Xinchen Li, 12th grade - Liberty

Ella Mangum, 9th grade - Reedy

Dave Mar, 12th grade - Lone Star

Adler Marin, 12th grade - Lone Star

Makenzie Martinez, 11th grade - Lone Star

Achyuth Mathavan, 9th grade - Centennial

Nicholas Maurent, 11th grade - Emerson

Felipe Mora,12th grade - Independence

Alexis Myers, 11th grade - Wakeland

Jahnavi Nadig, 11th grade - Emerson

Ava Nikakhtar, 10th grade - Lebanon Trail

Mutong Niu, 9th grade - Emerson

Erika Obi, 11th grade - Centennial

Jensen Peruchi, 10th grade - Lone Star

Srikrishna Rajagopal, 10th grade - Liberty

Bavna Ramesh, 9th grade - Frisco

Madumitha Ravikumar, 11th grade - Heritage

Nigama Reddy, 11th grade - Centennial

Maya Richa, 9th grade - Emerson

Ben Roden, 11th grade - Heritage

Zachary Rouse, 12th grade - Lone Star

Elena Salas, 11th grade - Reedy

Elle Scott, 12th grade - Lone Star

Amey Shah, 10th grade - Lebanon Trail

Aarush Sharma, 9th grade - Frisco

Mehek Sharma, 9th grade - Lebanon Trail

Ria Singh, 10th grade - Heritage

Advaita Somasundaram, 10th grade - Lone Star

Zadrian Souza, 12th grade - Lebanon Trail

Ninad Sudarsanam, 12th grade - Lone Star

Shyam Sundar, 11th grade - Panther Creek

Arnav Talluri, 9th grade - Reedy

Pranavu Tharagaram, 9th grade - Reedy

Izzy Virani, 9th grade - Frisco

Stephenie Vo, 9th grade - Lone Star

Milo Warrior, 10th grade - Memorial

Madison Watkins, 11th grade - Centennial

Lily Watson, 10th grade - Lone Star

Fabius Wiley, 11th grade - Wakeland

Avery Wisdom, 11th grade - Wakeland

Reese Wisdom, 9th grade - Wakeland

Aria Wood, 10th grade - Lebanon Trail

Chase Wood, 11th grade - Reedy

Paul Zahn, 12th grade - Wakeland

Alan Zhang, 11th grade - Centennial

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