FISD Tennis, Football, Volleyball Teams Fill Up 5A Rankings

Coaches often say that rankings don’t matter, especially rankings done in the middle of a season. Rankings won’t win a game for you or earn a team a playoff spot, after all.

But rankings are a nice sign of recognition, and in that regard, Frisco ISD’s fall sports teams are getting a lot of recognition. In this week’s Dallas Morning News’ Class 5A Dallas-area rankings, there are three FISD volleyball teams in the top 10 and five FISD football teams in the top 20. The 5A state tennis midseason rankings are even more stacked with FISD teams as seven -- yes, seven -- of them are in the top 10.

Here’s a look at the rankings:

5A State Tennis Rankings

3. Reedy

4. Centennial

5. Lebanon Trail

6. Wakeland

7. Independence

9. Heritage

10. Liberty

5A Dallas Morning News Football Rankings

(Dallas-area teams)

5. Reedy

9. Lone Star

13. Frisco

16. Independence

19. Emerson

5A-others Dallas Morning News Volleyball Rankings

(Dallas-area teams)

2. Wakeland*

7. Lone Star

8. Reedy

*Wakeland is the top-ranked 5A team in the poll because the No. 1 team is a private school.

The full rankings are at

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