FISD Students Celebrate Freedom and the Constitution

Sep 15, 2022

This week, students across Frisco ISD have been highlighting the values and ideals on which the United States was founded as well as the sacrifices that were made for freedom in the founding of our country.

“The Constitution is a document with our laws and rules,” said Ashley Elementary first grader Carolyn Akin. 

All Frisco ISD students started the week with a moment of silence honoring first responders and remembering those who died or were injured in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

Celebrate Freedom Week coincides with Constitution Week, which encourages all Americans to learn about the Constitution. It always lands on the week of September 17, the date in 1787 when delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the Constitution.

Students in grades 3-12 study the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and recite the first two sentences of the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. Younger students learn foundational ideals surrounding the founding of our country.

Ashley Elementary first grade teacher Tanisha Jackson related the importance of the Constitution to her students by explaining how the set of rules in their classroom, also known as a treatment agreement, creates a set of guidelines and expectations in the classroom.

“Yes, everybody in America has to follow the laws, but the bees and the birds don’t need to follow the law!” exclaimed Ashley first grader Srinandana Kotipalli.

Ashley ES Kinder Student - Constitution

The students nodded in agreement and were quick to give facts about where and when the Constitution was written and who signed it. 

Across the hallway, students in Aymanda Ghousheh’s kindergarten class were busy drawing conclusions about the founding of the country and practiced signing their names, much like the 39 delegates who signed the Constitution.

The students signed a lesson summary, also called an anchor chart, and hurriedly started drawing pictures of what the Constitution and freedom meant to them.

“The Constitution is important!” said kindergarten student Jack Zhang as he proudly held up his American flag drawing.

The students around him beamed and were quick to share what they learned in a video they had watched earlier. Adorably, one explained the importance of the “constellation.”

“This is an important annual opportunity where all students on the campus are engaged on the same topic across grade levels,” said Ashley Elementary Instructional Coach Jen Hamil-Renfro. “Ashley Elementary always has a lot going on and the teachers on this campus are incredible at building community and this is part of that!”

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