Student Journalists Earn Several UIL Accolades

The University Interscholastic League hosts several academic contests, including the annual Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) Convention held at the University of Texas-Austin. 

Each year, the ILPC presents awards to student journalists and programs in order to promote high standards of journalistic excellence. The goal of the ILPC is to emphasize journalistic integrity of student publications while maintaining the student press as an instrument published by students, for students and containing news of student activities.

This year, several Frisco ISD students won Individual Achievement Awards for their work in Online Newspapers, Broadcasts and Yearbooks.

For the Individual Achievement Awards, students submitted entries ranging from news writing to sports photography to yearbook theme development. 

The competition was keen, and the champions listed below represent the state's finest in scholastic journalism. Congratulations to these students and their incredible teachers:

Online Newspaper Individual Achievement Awards

News Writing 

  • 2nd place - Trisha Dasgupta (Liberty)

Feature Writing 

Entertainment Feature

  • 3rd place - Rachel Kim (Liberty)

Personal Column

  • 3rd place - Sydney Bishop (Liberty)

Broadcast Individual Achievement Awards

General News Story

  • 1st place - Carter Sutton, Saba Alavi (Reedy) 

  • 3rd place - Alysen Rose (Heritage)

General News Writing

  • 1st place - Cooper Ragle (Liberty)

  • 2nd place - Chasity Samples (Heritage)

  • 3rd place - Carter Sutton (Reedy)

General Feature Writing

  • 1st place - Carter Sutton, Saba Alavi (Reedy)

  • 3rd place - Kirthi Gummadi (Liberty)

General Sports Writing

  • 1st place - Chioma Agbor (Heritage)

  • 2nd place - Alysen Rose (Heritage)

Feature Story

  • 1st place - Kirthi Gummadi (Liberty)

  • 2nd place - Garrett Bohannan, Brooke Friedrich (Wakeland)

General Sports Story

  • 1st place - Chioma Agbor (Heritage)

  • 2nd place - Alysen Rose (Heritage)

  • 3rd place - Josh Rajunov, Caleb Stovall, Ryan Yarbrough (Wakeland)

Sports Feature Story

  • 1st place - Josh Rajunov, Caleb Stovall, Ryan Yarbrough (Wakeland)

Anchor Team Presentation

  • 3rd place - Garrett Bohannan, Hanna Brookshire (Wakeland)


  • 1st place - Garrett Bohannan, Dylan Horton, Christian Bucchino (Wakeland)

Technical Directing

  • 1st place - Garrett Bohannan (Wakeland)

Intro Sequence

  • 1st place - Dylan Horton, Christian Bucchino (Wakeland)

Daily Announcements

  • 2nd place - Brooke Friedrich (Wakeland)

Individual On-Air Talent

  • 1st place - Chioma Agbor (Heritage)

  • 2nd place - Chasity Samples (Heritage)

Current Yearbook Individual Achievement Awards

Academic-Focused Spread

  • 3rd place - Jacqueline Chavez, Gigi Triguis, Lauren Sandoval (Reedy)

Photo Portfolios

  • 3rd place - Caroline Walker (Reedy)

Honorable Mentions

Current Yearbook Student Life-Focused Spread 

  • Jane Goldberg, Laura Davila-Ciullo, Anna Cho (Reedy)

Current Yearbook Blended Coverage Spread

  • Jacqueline Chavez (Reedy)

Current Yearbook Story

  • Jacqueline Chavez (Reedy)

Online Newspaper Editorial Writing

  • Liberty Staff

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