Cobb Middle School and Early Childhood School Staff Honored with Award

May 25, 2022

Standing Ovation April 2022Behind every good teacher is a support network of administrators, paraprofessionals, counselors, cafe staff and several others.

Each month during the school year, staff members nominate their non-teaching colleagues for a Standing Ovation Award. The District-wide award recognizes non-teaching staff members across Frisco ISD who serve the mission of knowing every student by name and need while going above and beyond the call of duty.

The nominees are hard to select each month with glowing reports about incredible employees around the District, but each month two stand out from the rest. The final standing ovation award winners for the 2021-22 school year include an instructional aide at the Early Childhood School and the campus instructional support facilitator at Cobb Middle School. 

Congratulations to these two incredible employees who received a surprise congratulatory visit from Superintendent of Schools Mike Waldrip and will be honored at a future event.

Clay Grubb - Campus Instructional Support Facilitator at Cobb Middle School

Grubb is an asset to the entire campus community. He steps up in any way he can to assist anyone in need of assistance. He has taken on many roles and responsibilities that bridge the gap between his responsibilities and others’ duties to help Cobb build seamless campus processes. In fact, neighboring campus CISFs have also recognized his support and know they can depend on him to answer questions and create helpful videos to learn new tricks to make their jobs easier. He even maintains a running database with a “Bag O Tricks” that he shares with other CISFs to ensure that several campuses can continue to improve their systems. His colleagues sing his praises, appreciate his kindness and are thankful for his commitment to engaging and supporting everyone. Congrats to Grubb who was recently approved by the Board to be an assistant principal at Cobb Middle School.

Erica Canfield - Instructional Aide at the Early Childhood School

Canfield shows up each day to ECS putting the needs of her students first. She has navigated some challenging obstacles this school year and always comes to work with an open mindset. She has taken on leadership roles in her classroom and provides a quality education that allows each student on her roster to be known by name and need. Canfield shares her compassion and patience with the students in her class every single day and is never afraid to try hard things to meet the needs of her students. She is the type of educator that other teachers want on their team, and she has a natural intuition when working with learners with special needs. As a former ECS parent, she recognized that the ECS did not have a PTA. Before starting her role as a paraprofessional two years ago and after her child had already started at a new school, she would continue to support teachers and organize events for students and staff. She is a true gem and the staff of ECS feel privileged to have her on campus.

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