Hundreds of Orchestra Students Rated Superior at Evaluation

From Beethoven and Brahms to Schubert and Wagner, Frisco ISD middle and high school orchestra students spent several months preparing for the annual UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation.

With more than 3,300 fine arts students involved in Frisco ISD orchestra programming, students continue to find success in the District’s proven student-opportunity model, which allows students to engage in music in ways that promote both artistic and social-emotional growth.

The hard work of the students and their directors paid off when several secondary orchestra programs recently brought home a number of Superior and Sweepstakes awards from the UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Evaluation.

As part of the evaluation, each orchestra prepared and performed three pieces for the concert portion of the evaluation. They then completed a sight-reading process which included learning a new piece of music in a handful of minutes. 

Each portion of the evaluation was rated by judges on a scale of 1 to 5 with a 1 being Superior. Ensembles that received a Superior in both concert and sight-reading were awarded the coveted Sweepstakes recognition. 

Congratulations to these orchestras that received Sweepstakes and Superior awards and are recognized for having demonstrated the necessary skills and musicianship that only comes with hard work and dedication by both the students and directors. 

High School 

Varsity Sweepstakes

Centennial Varsity

Frisco Varsity

Heritage Varsity

Independence Varsity

Lebanon Trail Varsity

Liberty Varsity

Lonestar Varsity

Memorial Varsity

Reedy Varsity

Wakeland Varsity

Non-Varsity Sweepstakes

Emerson Non-Varsity

Frisco Non-Varsity

Independence Non-Varsity

Lebanon Trail Non-Varsity

Liberty Non-Varsity

Memorial Non-Varsity

Reedy Non-Varsity

Wakeland Non-Varsity

Sub Non-Varsity Sweepstakes

Centennial Sub Non-Varsity A

Centennial Sub Non-Varsity B

Centennial Sub Non-Varsity C

Heritage Sub Non-Varsity A

Heritage Sub Non-Varsity B

Independence Sub Non-Varsity A

Independence Sub Non-Varsity B

Lebanon Trail Sub Non-Varsity A

Lebanon Trail Sub Non-Varsity B

Lebanon Trail Sub Non-Varsity C

Liberty Sub Non-Varsity A

Liberty Sub Non-Varsity B

Reedy Sub Non-Varsity A

1st Division in Sight-Reading

Centennial Non-Varsity

Middle School 

Varsity Sweepstakes

Clark Varsity

Cobb Varsity

Fowler Varsity

Griffin Varsity

Lawler Varsity

Maus Varsity

Nelson Varsity

Pearson Varsity

Pioneer Heritage Varsity

Roach Varsity

Scoggins Varsity

Vandeventer Varsity

Wester Varsity

Non-Varsity Sweepstakes

Cobb Non-Varsity

Fowler Non-Varsity

Griffin Non-Varsity

Lawler Non-Varsity

Maus Non-Varsity

Nelson Non-Varsity

Pearson Non-Varsity

Roach Non-Varsity

Vandeventer Non-Varsity

Sub Non-Varsity Sweepstakes

Lawler Sub Non-Varsity

1st Division in Sight-Reading

Fowler Sub Non-Varsity A

Fowler Sub Non-Varsity B

Hunt Varsity

Staley Varsity

1st Division on Stage

Wester Sub Non-Varsity

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