Lebanon Trail and Independence One-Act Plays Advance to Area

Mar 29, 2022

IHS OAP Group Photo - Advances to Area

The annual One-Act Play Contest is a time for each campus theatrical program to showcase the talent of their students in an 18- to 40-minute play.

In Frisco ISD, where student opportunity is prioritized, what started with 11 high school programs proudly showcasing their talent is now down to two programs that have been invited to advance to the Area One-Act Play Contest. 

Congratulations to the company of Lebanon Trail High School which performed “The Cover of Life” under the direction of Michael Hollomon and John Davenport. “The Cover of Life” is set in rural Louisiana in 1943 and is a charming play following the journey of several characters that struggle to find their self-worth in a male-dominated world. Follow Lebanon Trail Theatre on Instagram.

Independence High School’s company has also earned a spot at Area after an incredible performance of “Tartuffe, or the Imposter”, which follows the journey of a family as they deal with a person who has ingratiated themselves in their family and turns out to be a charlatan. The classic comedy satirizes religious hypocrisy, blind piety and deceit. The theatrical program is led by Christine McClung and Stephanie Brownie. Follow Knight Theatre on Instagram.

LTHS OAP Group - Advances to Area

During the contest, each company has seven minutes to set up before performing in front of a panel of adjudicators and a live audience. At the end of their performance, each company has seven minutes to strike their scenic elements. At the conclusion of the event, awards are announced and a judge gives an oral critique with positive and constructive feedback to each of the schools. 

So far, the competition season has involved several rounds including Zone, District and Bi-District. If the companies perform well at Area on March 31, they will be invited to the Region competition on April 21 and possibly the State competition in early May.

At each level of competition, a judge awards individual acting awards as well as selects productions to advance to the next level of competition. Congratulations to all of the recognitions so far this One-Act Play season:

HS UIL One-Act Play Bi-District Contest Results

Advancing High Schools: Lebanon Trail and Independence

Best Performer Awards: Faith Lee (Frisco)

Best Crew Award: Independence High School

All-Star Technician Awards

Sofia Laskaris (Lebanon Trail), Caroline Bressler (Independence), Mackenzie Johnson (Frisco)

All-Star Cast Acting Awards

Saanvi Sreejit (Lebanon Trail), Brianna Willingham (Lebanon Trail), Brendan Behm (Independence), Sawyer Bell (Independence), Taylor Newton (Frisco)

Honorable Mention Acting Awards

Julia Raley (Lebanon Trail), Allison Crowe (Lebanon Trail), Lauren Lazar (Independence), Carter Lawson (Frisco)

Alternate School: Frisco High School

District 9-5A Contest Results

Advancing High Schools: Frisco, Independence, Lebanon Trail

Best Performer Awards: Brianna Willingham (Lebanon Trail), Faith Lee (Frisco)

Best Crew Award: Lebanon Trail High School

All-Star Technician Awards: Hayley Delich (Wakeland), Aarushi Gulati (Heritage), Zach Ivener (Independence), Carolyn Love (Lebanon Trail), Reagan Godwin (Frisco), Kameron Jacob (Emerson)

All-Star Cast Acting Awards: David Trejo (Wakeland), Tanya Kalidindi (Heritage), Brendan Behm (Independence), Sawyer Bell (Independence), Nicholas Garner (Independence), Allison Crowe (Lebanon Trail), Taylor Newton (Frisco), Sathya Pallopothula (Emerson)

Honorable Mention Acting Awards: Garrett Bohannan (Wakeland), Chloe Sneed (Heritage), Jordan Andrews (Heritage), Saanvi Sreejit (Lebanon Trail), Julia Raley (Lebanon Trail), Carter Lawson (Frisco), Ensemble Award (Frisco), Christian Lyons (Emerson)

Alternate School: Heritage High School

Zone Contest Results

Advancing High Schools

  • Zone A: Independence, Frisco, Wakeland
  • Zone B: Emerson, Heritage, Lebanon Trail

Best Performer Awards

  • Zone A: David Trejo (Wakeland), Sawyer Bell (Independence)
  • Zone B: Julia Raley (Lebanon Trail), Sathya Pallopothula (Emerson)

Best Crew Award - Zone A: Independence and Zone B: Lebanon Trail

All-Star Technician Awards

Zone A: Cayson Evans (Memorial), Reagan Godwin (Frisco), Caden Clack (Centennial), Hayley Delich (Wakeland), Deepti Kousik (Independence)

Zone B: Aarushi Gulati (Heritage), Sophia Hernandez (Lone Star), Zakary Roberts (Reedy), Rishika Desai (Liberty), Karsyn Meyerson (Lebanon Trail), Eli Whitecotton (Emerson)

All-Star Cast Acting Awards

Zone A: Rebecca Couch (Memorial), Parker Blagg (Memorial), Faith Lee (Frisco), Nithya Raman (Centennial), Emma De aka Paz (Wakeland), Katherine Bracy (Wakeland), Garrett Bohannan (Wakeland), Brendan Behm (Independence)

Zone B: Tanya Kalindindi (Heritage), Ethan Cowart (Lone Star), Ethan Howard (Reedy), Connor Burk (Liberty), Saanvi Sreejit (Lebanon Trail), Allison Crowe (Lebanon Trail), Brianna Willingham (Lebanon Trail), Brody Kostyszyn (Emerson)

Honorable Mention Acting Awards

Zone A: Isabella Woodson (Memorial), Marina Texeira (Frisco), Carter Lawson (Frisco), Samantha Imena (Frisco), Cole Roberts (Centennial), Shouri Gomatham (Centennial), Winston Jefferson (Wakeland), Skylar Wilson (Independence)

Zone B: Chloe Sneed (Heritage), Samanasri Godvarti (Heritage), Brooke Hobbs (Lone Star), Arden Ogilvie (Reedy), Hanl Brown (Liberty), Mariana Trujillo (Liberty), Gwen Milette (Lebanon Trail), Christian Lyons (Emerson)

Alternate Schools - Zone A: Memorial and Zone B: Lone Star

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