Students Find Success at State Academic Decathlon

This spring, high school students competed in the annual Texas Academic Decathlon Contest, a rigorous academic competition. Students competed in a variety of topics including music, art, literature, math, economics, social science and science.

This year, the competition was split into two meet locations, Frisco and San Antonio, with each meet having a different set of qualifications. The top 35 scores at region among medium and large schools qualified for the San Antonio Meet while the next 35 qualified for the Frisco Meet. 

Centennial, Frisco, Heritage, Lebanon Trail, Liberty, Lone Star, Memorial and Reedy high schools all medaled in competition at their respective meets. 

This year’s theme was “Water: A Most Essential Resource,” so each subject area highlighted the topic from a different angle. For example, marine biology was the focus of science, while social science explored the impact of water on human history. Learn more.

Congratulations to these students and their coaches on their shared success in the State Academic Decathlon competition!

2022 Centennial HS AcDec Picture

Centennial High School - 8th place team at San Antonio Meet

Coaches: Jeff Wolford, Amy Wolford, Yingying Lu

Jacob Abraham - Gold in Speech 

Arav Chheda - Bronze in Economics

Diane Cho - Gold in Interview 

Shrinarayanee Rengarajan 

  • Gold in Interview

  • Silver in Speech

Aryan Shreni - Gold in Interview 

Vishal Thyagarajan 

  • Gold in Math

  • Bronze in Art and Music 

Veer Waje - Bronze in Science

2022 Frisco HS AcDec Picture

Frisco High School - 6th place team at San Antonio Meet

Coaches: Brent Beeson, Carl Black, Krista Wagner

Sreenand Chalasani - Bronze in Interview 

Ananth Kothuri 

  • Gold in Social Science and Interview

  • Silver in Art

  • Bronze in Literature

Maadhav Kothuri 

  • Gold in Speech

  • Silver in Interview

Abbas Pirwani 

  • Silver in Art and Literature

  • Bronze in Music and Social Science

Pranveer Singh - Silver in Interview

Anushka Thakre - Gold in Essay, Speech and Interview

2022 Heritage HS AcDec Picture

Heritage High School - 7th place team at San Antonio Meet

Coaches: Gabe Fain, Cristopher Marshall, Tammy Mumford, Aimee Davenport, Patsy Dempsey

Aayush Dam - Gold in Interview 

Matthew Harricharran - Gold in Interview 

Preston Hollowell - Gold in Interview

Amruta Jayanthi - Gold in Interview

2022 Liberty HS AcDec Picture

Liberty High School - 9th place team at San Antonio Meet

Coaches: Holley Mosley, Tim Johannes, Hope Rojas

Shrenick Gannamani 

  • Gold in Interview

  • Bronze in Social Science

Jaden Jovan - Silver in Speech 

Logan Schaefer

  • Gold in Speech

  • Bronze in Science

Kyathi Uyyala - Gold in Interview

2022 LT AcDec Team Picture

Lebanon Trail High School - 5th place team at San Antonio Meet

Coaches - Jillian Schattle, Kristen Summers, Chris Lehrman

Reid Ashworth 

  • Gold in Interview

  • Bronze in Economics

Aashish Kambala - Gold in Speech 

James Manchee - Silver in Science and Social Science

Krutika Manwadkar 

  • Gold in Economics

  • Silver in Music and Interview

  • Bronze in Art

Govind Narayan - Silver in Art 

Maya Smith - Gold in Interview 

Bhuvankrishnaa Subramanian - Silver in Economics

2022 Reedy HS AcDec Picture

Reedy High School - 2nd place team at San Antonio Meet

Coaches: Kathleen Schrantz, Jocelyn Harty, Jeff Schrantz

Felipe Anea 

  • Gold in Interview

  • Bronze in Essay

William Hogsett 

  • Gold in Music and Interview

  • Silver Overall Scholastic Division

  • Silver in Art, Economics, Social Science, Essay

Farhan Iqbal 

  • Gold Overall Varsity Division

  • Gold in Art, Economics, Literature, Music

  • Silver in Science and Speech

  • Bronze in Social Science

Daniel Strickler - Bronze in Art 

Kashvi Vijay 

  • Silver in Art

  • Bronze in Social Science and Interview

Blake Webb - Bronze in Literature 

Congratulations to these teams that qualified and placed at the Frisco Meet. Notably, Lone Star earned recognition as a 1st Place Team for Medium Schools at the Frisco meet.

2022 Lone Star HS AcDec Picture

Lone Star High School - 1st place team at Frisco Meet

Coaches: Stacey McDonald, Megan Bufford, Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Glory Lin, Jennifer Fronterhouse

Abhinav Gotimukala 

  • Silver in Speech

  • Bronze Overall Varsity Division

  • Bronze in Science and Speech

Olivia Mo

  • Gold Overall Honors Division

  • Gold in Literature, Social Science and Interview

  • Bronze in Economics, Science and Speech

Paulina Cruz Miyasaki 

  • Gold Overall Scholastic Division

  • Gold in Art, Literature and Science

  • Silver in Music and Social Science

Jack Murdock - Silver in Social Science 

Cecelia Murphy - Bronze in Music 

Memorial High School - 6th place team at Frisco Meet

Coaches: Aly Webb, Shannon Ernst

Drake Brown 

  • Silver in Science

  • Bronze in Music

Jenna Gaudet

  • Gold in Speech

  • Bronze in Economics

Tanya Raman - Silver in Literature, Math and Interview 

Shyam Sundar - Gold in Essay

Ashwin Yogaratnam 

  • Gold in Essay

  • Silver in Literature

  • Bronze Overall Honors Division

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