Dance I Students Display Technique and Poise

Feb 09, 2022

Dance I students learn during 2022 DEALAll 11 Frisco ISD high school Dance I programs recently received the highest rating, Division I, in the Dance Educators Assessment of Learning (DEAL) assessment. 

Frisco ISD is proud to offer a wide selection of opportunities for students to explore new and developing interests as they grow during their public education. In high school, students can elect to take Dance I - Fundamentals without any sort of prerequisite skills or tryouts.

“In the past five months, these students have learned technical skills and how to express themselves in a variety of genres preparing them to showcase their newfound knowledge in the annual DEAL assessment,” said Kristy Platt, Reedy High School director of dance and District dance team lead.

In the assessment, the director and their students need to apply what they learned quickly. Much like sight-reading in music, DEAL looks at the dancer’s ability to quickly learn and execute a newly-choreographed dance routine. 

The DEAL assessment is a culmination of technical and execution elements taught during Dance I based on the Dance I Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which includes specific vocabulary and expectations as it connects to movement.

After each performance, the judges met with each group of performers and their director to provide constructive feedback. There were tears of joy and relief as students received feedback and anticipated their team ranking. It is easy to see why performing for an audience of three adjudicators is potentially more nerve-wracking than a full auditorium, but the students proudly held their own.

Congratulations to all of the high school dance programs for achieving the highest rating, Division I. Their success on stage is a direct reflection of their camaraderie, collaboration and self-reliance under the direction of their directors. Access photos from the event.

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