Six Students Advance to Collin County Spelling Bee

2022 Spelling Bee Top Six

Last week, Reedy High School hosted the Frisco ISD Spelling Bee, where 50 of the top spellers in grades 4-8 competed in the annual competition. 

Each student won a spelling bee at their elementary or middle school to qualify for the contest – a feat in its own right. Students prepared for months for the campus spelling bees and subsequently the Eighth Annual Frisco ISD Spelling Bee. 

After 12 competitive rounds, three middle school and three elementary school students earned the top spots to advance to the Collin County Spelling Bee.

The county bee rounds will be a combination of spelling words and vocabulary questions. Students are actively studying the Words of Champions and the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary in anticipation.

The county bee will be hosted Feb. 10 at McKinney ISD’s Faubion Middle School. Congratulations to the following top FISD spellers and all those who participated in the District contest:

  • Alexander Agera - 5th grader at Rogers Elementary School
  • Zakariah Khaled - 4th grader at Corbell Elementary School
  • Samarth Khurana - 8th grader at Roach Middle School
  • Rishi Nemmani - 7th grader at Scoggins Middle School
  • Shree Redekarpatil - 8th grader at Clark Middle School
  • Aadish Shah - 4th grader at Nichols Elementary School

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