Dallas Cowboys and Reliant Honor FISD Educators

The Dallas Cowboys bus rolled onto two Frisco ISD campuses this week to surprise teachers with giant checks, a personalized jersey, the Reliant mascot, Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and a visit from Joe Looney, a former player.

Centennial High School science teacher Shannon Holliman and Elliott Elementary School fifth grade teacher Breana Cockrell were each recognized by the Cowboys and Reliant Energy as a Cowboys Class Act winner in a presentation on their campus

The Dallas Cowboys teamed up with Reliant to recognize and celebrate educators who impact the lives of children across North Texas. Each teacher received a $4,000 check to be used on a campus initiative of their choice.

Community members can nominate their favorite teacher for this honor and prize by filling out a form on the Cowboys website by Jan. 31, 2022. Congrats to Holliman and Cockrell on their recognition!

CHS Class Act Winner Shannon HollimanShannon Holliman, Centennial High School

Holliman, an educator of 24 years, was surprised during a science team luncheon when the caravanning celebration coalesced on the campus to recognize her.

Holliman is known by educators and students for her selflessness and consistent dedication to the thousands of students she has taught over the years. As an advanced biology and anatomy and physiology teacher, she is compassionate and devoted in helping her students find success. She has the ability to form deep connections with her students while fostering a safe environment that encourages student growth. 

“The fact I was nominated by peers has got me spinning,” Holliman said. “My peers work so hard and to know they see me as someone worthy of this kind of award is amazing.

“I am the biggest Cowboy fan! It’s in my DNA. I’m incredibly humbled, amazed and thankful to my peers, the Cowboys and Reliant for this recognition.”

Holliman doesn’t know what she plans to spend her award money on yet but is thrilled at the prospect of brainstorming ways to engage her students.

Elliott ES Class Act Winner Bre CockrellBre Cockrell, Elliott Elementary School

Bre Cockrell is a fifth grade teacher and team lead at Elliott Elementary School, where she teaches language arts. All of her students can always count on her to be their biggest cheerleader, no matter the circumstance. She consistently puts her students’ needs ahead of her own and takes time each day to make sure that every student in her classroom knows she cares about them. 

Principal Natalie Miller expressed thanks that the Cowboys and Reliant took the time to reward a clearly amazing teacher who goes above and beyond every day.

Her students witnessed the award presentation and didn’t hesitate to hoot and holler and start chants in her honor. They excitedly chatted between themselves that she was deserving and their favorite teacher.

Cockrell said that her favorite part of teaching is building relationships with her students and guiding their learning.

“I love seeing the ways they connect with each other while being unique to themselves,” Cockrell said. “This award was entirely unexpected, but as a lifelong Cowboys fan, it’s safe to say this made my life!”

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