Middle School Musicians Perform in All-Region Orchestras

Dec 04, 2021

All Region MS Orchestra group photoStudents representing several FISD middle school campuses recently competed in the annual Texas Music Educators Association Region 24 All-Region Middle School Orchestra auditions. More than 200 of these student musicians earned spots in the All-Region Orchestras.

TMEA released several music excerpts at the beginning of the school year and students prepared these pieces for months in anticipation of the audition, which was in person this year.

The District looks forward to the continued success of all the orchestra students who were invited to the prestigious All-Region orchestra that performed in November at a memorable collaborative showcase of area talent.

Congratulations to all the student musicians who were placed in one of the three All-Region orchestras.

2021 All Region Photo CollageChamber

Yun Ashley, Violin - Clark
Andrew Sun, Cello - Clark
Mariella Davies, Viola - Cobb
Ella Wertz, Cello - Cobb
Sheikh Faiyaz Ali, Viola - Fowler
Hannah Baumel, Bass - Fowler
Phiona Bui, Violin - Fowler
Jeanne Jordan, Violin - Fowler
Ryan Kim, Cello - Fowler
Justin Kwok, Violin - Fowler
Nathan Minn, Violin - Fowler
Ethan Nguyen, Violin - Fowler
Alp Sahin, Cello - Fowler
Natalie Shin, Violin - Fowler
Aleena Sohani, Bass - Fowler
Jayden Song, Cello - Fowler
Michelle Tang, Cello - Fowler
Armeen Torbatian, Viola - Fowler
Ethan Wang, Cello - Fowler
Ezra Chen, Violin - Lawler
Varun Dronamraju, Violin - Lawler
Megan Hou, Violin - Lawler
Andrew Kim, Violin - Lawler
Jian Lee, Violin - Griffin
Meghna Mahendran, Harp - Lawler
Isabella Schnyder, Bass - Griffin
Jayden Weng, Violin - Lawler
Stephanie Yu, Harp - Lawler
Ben Bailey, Viola - Maus
Olivia Das, Bass - Maus
Akshith Doddi, Violin - Maus
Jayden Koid, Violin - Maus
Jeremy Cha, Violin - Nelson
Aryaanshi Sundaram, Viola - Nelson
Vanshika Yanala, Violin - Nelson
Louie Yeh, Violin - Nelson
Cayden Yim, Violin - Nelson
Eunsong Lee, Viola - Pearson
Irene Lee, Viola - Pearson
Yoonsurp Lee, Violin - Pearson
Sathvik Surisetty, Bass - Pearson
Alisha Varghese, Cello - Pearson
Daniel Yi, Cello - Pearson
Advika Harihar, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Rachel Ok, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Meghana Aduri, Violin - Roach
Chloe Bimpong, Viola - Roach
Romeo Garcia, Bass - Roach
Abhinav Kulkarni, Cello - Roach
Shayne Maingi, Violin - Roach
Gabriella Servigna, Bass - Roach
Jason Li, Cello - Scoggins
Tiffany Lin, Harp - Stafford
Ted Ma, Violin - Stafford
Ellen Jeong, Cello - Trent
Daniel Ryu, Cello - Trent
Yejin Choi, Violin - Vandeventer
Laura Huang, Cello - Vandeventer
Calvin Jung, Violin - Vandeventer
Ryan Lee, Violin - Vandeventer
Sriram Mupparapu, Violin - Vandeventer
Sahana Narasimhan, Violin - Vandeventer
Shriya Satish, Violin - Vandeventer
Namya Sripati, Viola - Vandeventer
Mathias Wong, Violin - Vandeventer
Callie Yim, Violin - Vandeventer
Doyoon Yu, Violin - Vandeventer
Mudi Zhang, Violin - Vandeventer
Aadee Doshi, Violin - Wester
Hongbo Fang, Violin - Wester
Seokwoo Kim, Viola - Wester
Andrew Park, Violin - Wester


2021 MS All Region Orchestra StageSinfonia

Jahnavi Sharma, Violin - Clark
Matthew Kariuki, Cello - Cobb
Nicole Nikolaytchev, Viola - Cobb
Jack Withrow, Cello - Cobb
Trisha Agarwal, Viola - Fowler
Mahi Bhatnagar, Viola - Fowler
Darsh Chauhan, Violin - Fowler
Faris Faisal, Cello - Fowler
Amaris George, Violin - Fowler
Hyejin Hwang, Violin - Fowler
Tejasvi Manoj, Violin - Fowler
Saanvi Patel, Viola - Fowler
Ananya Vasant, Violin - Fowler
Samhita Velivela, Viola - Fowler
Iris Wang, Harp - Fowler
Thomas Yan, Violin - Fowler
Jeff Zhou, Violin - Fowler
Rohit Jonnalagadda, Violin - Lawler
Chloe Kim, Violin - Lawler
Kaylee Kim, Viola - Lawler
Michelle Li, Harp - Lawler
Declan Purcell, Violin - Lawler
Lukas Funderburk, Cello - Maus
Yinuo Hao, Violin - Maus
Ciara Lacy, Violin - Maus
Snigdha Kamisetty, Viola - Maus
Ruhaan Khanuja, Viola - Maus
Naba Malik, Bass - Maus
Oviya Mathi, Violin - Maus
Elizabeth Nguyen, Violin - Maus
Keerthi Rajesekar, Violin - Maus
Prerna Yuvaraj, Viola - Maus
Harnoor Kaur, Viola - Nelson
Meghna Kuppachi, Violin - Nelson
Saarika Saiganesh, Violin - Nelson
Jay Sunil, Bass - Nelson
Hasini Vissapragada, Bass - Nelson
Cayden Yim, Violin - Nelson
Shalia Gachhadar, Violin - Pearson
Abhay Nampoothiri, Violin - Pearson
Shanelle Ondolo, Violin - Pearson
Rayhan Raja, Violin - Pearson
Rafan Reyas, Violin - Pearson
Angela Yin, Cello - Pearson
Linda Zhang, Violin - Pearson
Sophie Fu, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Vasisht Menon, Bass - Pioneer Heritage
Lochna Reddy, Cello - Pioneer Heritage
Ananya Balakrishnan, Harp - Roach
Victoria Georgiev, Violin - Roach
Martin Gutierrez Lazo, Cello - Roach
Noah Lee, Cello - Roach
Diego Velasco, Bass - Roach
Sashank Lingutla, Violin - Stafford
Atharv Raj, Violin - Stafford
Michelle Mwaura, Bass - Trent
Krish Kumar, Cello - Vandeventer
Phil Jeon, Violin - Vandeventer
Zeno Kang, Cello - Vandeventer
Minseok Kim, Cello - Vandeventer
Sarah Mills, Bass - Vandeventer
Sonja Mo, Cello - Vandeventer
Veronika Obideiko, Harp - Vandeventer
Sameera Patoliya, Violin - Vandeventer
Sri Medha Pedaprolu, Viola - Vandeventer
Yasaman Soleimani, Violin - Vandeventer
Reuben Valles, Bass - Vandeventer
Vivian Wang, Cello - Vandeventer
Christine Wu, Cello - Vandeventer
Bhattacharya Aryan, Viola - Wester
Bustetter Katherine, Violin - Wester
Yun Kim, Cello - Wester
Amanda Yin, Violin - Wester

2021 All Region Orchestra PracticeConcert

Gabby Canlas, Cello - Clark
Advika Kochar, Cello - Clark
Vedanth Chaganti, Violin - Cobb
Cassie Shim, Bass - Cobb
Sneha Aelluri, Violin - Fowler
Ophelia Grigoryan, Viola - Fowler
Shreya Hazra, Cello - Fowler
Purva Joshi, Violin - Fowler
Joie Kim, Violin - Fowler
Jayden Li, Harp - Fowler
Michael Liu, Cello - Fowler
Samriddhi Majumdar, Violin - Fowler
Sai Sreeja Metta, Violin - Fowler
Cailyn Na, Violin - Fowler
Anish Perumalla, Violin - Fowler
Priya Viswanath, Violin - Fowler
Alisa Wei, Violin - Fowler
Wesley Chen, Cello - Griffin
Vanilla Zhang, Violin - Griffin
Chloe Whang, Viola - Hunt
Aditi Battiprolu, Harp - Lawler
Bright Cheng, Harp - Lawler
Rishin Roy, Viola - Lawler
Krisha Sahay, Cello - Lawler
Wayne Wang, Violin - Lawler
Nicole Yuen, Violin - Lawler
Madelyn Carreon, Cello - Maus
Aditya Ganguly, Bass - Maus
Jason Eom, Violin - Maus
Aanya Menon, Bass - Maus
Koen Wang, Bass - Maus
Amit Koduru, Violin - Nelson
Thomas Liew, Violin - Nelson
Pranay Pottipati, Violin - Nelson
Julia Shi, Violin - Nelson
Vaghul Srivallaban, Viola - Nelson
Brian Zhou, Violin - Nelson
Joshua Cho, Cello - Pearson
Elizabeth Ee, Violin - Pearson
Ishan Pachnanda, Violin - Pearson
Joon Soo Yoon, Cello - Pearson
Bryan Kim, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Ananya Reddy, Cello - Pioneer Heritage
Sravya Tatiraju, Violin - Roach
Hrishi Terlapu, Viola - Roach
Dallis Ma, Violin - Scoggins
Jiyu Park, Viola - Scoggins
Charissa Chung, Viola - Trent
Jayden Jeong, Violin - Trent
Joseph Ryum, Violin - Trent
Kaitlyn Vu, Violin - Trent
Matthew Yap, Violin - Trent
Eunchan Jong, Violin - Vandeventer
Om Joshi, Cello - Vandeventer
Yuehan Li, Violin - Vandeventer
Ethan Liu, Violin - Vandeventer
Karthika Menon, Violin - Vandeventer
Jian Park, Violin - Vandeventer
Naomi Permana, Violin - Vandeventer
Evan Santoso, Cello - Vandeventer
Rishab Srivatsan, Viola - Vandeventer
Sarah Tang, Cello - Vandeventer
Shrinidhi Varadarajan, Viola - Vandeventer
Shruthi Varadarajan, Viola - Vandeventer
Eric Youn, Violin - Vandeventer
Hyeonmin Cho, Violin - Wester
Hajar Moutaim, Viola - Wester


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