Students Honor Veterans Across the Community

Nov 12, 2021

Girl Scouts at Stafford Veterans Day EventIt has been a busy week for students and staff across Frisco ISD preparing for Veterans Day events held before, during and after school to honor veterans who live in our community.

Mooneyham Elementary coordinated with the Heritage High School band to visit their campus to play music this morning in honor of veterans. Meanwhile, Corbell Elementary classrooms had veterans and active service members reading to students. Robertson Elementary held a breakfast for veterans and their families who were greeted by the Lone Star drumline at the entrance to the campus. 

Nelson Middle School held an assembly and a Veterans Day lunch that included a memorable slideshow. Navy National Defense Cadet Corps students at Lebanon Trail High School challenged themselves with the Marine Corps Combat Fitness Test in honor of veterans and the 246th anniversary of the Marine Corps.

The District is buzzing with celebrations and Stafford Middle School started it all off Wednesday evening with a Veterans Day event that has been held every year since the school opened 14 years ago. Veterans were invited into the gym for a presentation before being guided to a decorated cafeteria for a dinner reception.

Stafford Veterans Group PhotoThe event included a Presentation of Colors from Girl Scout troop 1016 and performances by the choir and orchestra. Corporal Ashley Morgan, a teacher at Stafford Middle School, was the keynote speaker. Morgan shared her passion for motivating and mentoring students while recalling the journey she took as a child that led her to the service.

“The army helped me find resilience and face challenges while molding me into the person and teacher that I am today,” Morgan said. “After leaving the service, I wanted to do something impactful and being a teacher has allowed me to lead students and support them in learning how to be resilient.”

Families and students gathered around their veterans in the bleachers during the event, including eighth grader Isabella Baggett, who sat near her father Chris Baggett, a Marine.

“It’s a great night to honor these veterans who have sacrificed for our country,” Isabella said. “But it’s even more special having my dad honored as a veteran. He’s important to me and I love seeing him honored.”

Stafford MS Veterans Day LettersDuring the dinner reception, veterans were grouped by their service branch where they chatted about shared experiences that exist even with 50 years between their service. The cafeteria was decorated in patriotic colors and tables held hand-written thank you notes from students.

Seventh grader Rishit Anand read his essay “How to Be a Good American” during the reception, sharing his love of the country and what we as Americans can do to give back.

“Our country is held together with hope, trust and the common goal of freedom,” Anand said. “Change starts with all of us to show appreciation for the freedoms America has granted us.

“Small or big, we can all make a difference.”

Honor Veterans Saturday in the Frisco Community Parade

High school football teams, bands, drill teams and homecoming royalty from across Frisco ISD will join in the annual Frisco Community Parade to salute veterans Saturday, Nov. 13 at 10 a.m. This year’s theme is “Frisco: We are One.” Find out more information at 

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