New Scoreboard Adds Excitement at Kuykendall Stadium

Kuykendall Stadium scoreboardThe lights always shine brightly at David Kuykendall Stadium, the FISD facility that hosts football games, soccer matches, track meets and other District special events. But last week, the stadium added a little more excitement with the unveiling of a large video board.

The video board, 21 feet tall by nearly 35 feet wide, is part of a scoreboard that was installed before the season. The scoreboard replaces the 13-year-old version that was no longer fully operational and had aged to the point where some necessary replacement parts weren’t available.

The frame of the scoreboard, including the area with the digital game information, was ready for the opening week of the season. Supply-chain issues prevented the video board from making its debut until the Sept. 30 matchup of Centennial and Denton Ryan high schools.

For fans entering the stadium parking lots, the video board at the west end of the stadium was impossible to miss. Even as the sun was still shining above and behind it, the big, bright screen displayed live video, replays, graphics and other elements that added to the fun.

“In Frisco ISD, we strive to create the best opportunities and experiences for our students,” said FISD Athletic Director Grace McDowell. “We’re excited about how the new scoreboard and video board enhances the atmosphere for the students and community.”

The scoreboard adds to the game experience of participants and spectators, as well as the educational experience of students involved in broadcast production. The FISD Sports Broadcast class and club handles the video production for games at Kuykendall Stadium, which includes the graphics, advertisements and replays that show on the video board.

The video board, which is easily viewable from both the home and visitor stands, creates another way to highlight the work of FISD students.

“We want the Sports Broadcast students to experience all the facets of broadcast, including camera work, graphic design, production and on air,” said FISD Sports Broadcast Director Steven Doherty. “Having a template like this video board to show their work on adds to the excitement and motivation of the students to learn about broadcasting.”

The stadium, formerly known as FISD Memorial Stadium, was renamed in the spring in honor of longtime FISD Athletic Director David Kuykendall, who retired after the 2020-21 school year. The stadium has hosted many football playoff games over the years, and with the addition of the $351,201 scoreboard, it will be a more attractive option to teams statewide seeking a neutral site for a game.

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