Curtsinger Library Holds Grand Reopening

Sep 16, 2021

Curtsinger Ribbon Cutting

At the heart of every Frisco ISD campus is the library. Curtsinger Elementary students have been eagerly anticipating the grand reopening of their library since the end of April 2021, when it closed temporarily. The library was under construction thanks to funds provided by the 2018 bond program which included updates to older campuses. 

“We are thankful to the Board members, the voters and the community that came together to make this library possible,” said Curtsinger librarian Merrily McInnis. “It is a place where all students can effectively collaborate, innovate and communicate.”

The library’s renovation exemplifies the evolution of Frisco ISD and education since the campus first opened in 1995. The future-ready library was redesigned to be more open and flexible for different types of learning. The space now includes flexible seating, mobile furniture, a green screen room, collaborative spaces, large touch screen televisions, new shelves, a dedicated makerspace and clear signage. 

Curtsinger Library Aides at TableSimilar improvements were also made to the library at Smith Elementary, an older campus that received significant renovations over the summer thanks to the bond program. Learn more about the Bond projects that were completed this summer.

Long gone are the days of libraries “just” being a place for books and silence. The Curtsinger library and libraries across FISD are bustling environments that include items such as recording equipment, STEM tools, iPads for internet research, robots and both physical and digital books. 

“Libraries are fun places to gather where students can be themselves,” McInnis said. “We are open and ready all day to support students in whatever way we can.”

Members of the District Instructional Support Team, members of the community and select students were invited to the Curtsinger library reopening. 

Curtsinger Library Aides seatedStudents sped up the hallway, arms pumping, giggling and eager to visit the library. They oohed and aahed at the welcoming space and enjoyed cookies and drinks after the official ribbon cutting.

“The students are excited to get into the books,” McInnis said. “We have had paper covering the entrance to the library since the beginning of the school year and it built an unprecedented amount of anticipation.”

Fifth grader Penelope Bustetter is a library aide who enjoys reading Harry Potter and was one of the students who hurried up the hallway for the grand reopening.

“I want to be a librarian when I grow up and I am excited for the younger students to have a library where they will fall in love with books just like I have,” Bustetter said. “I love reading interesting books and I hope as a library aide I can help other students find and read books that they love.”

Curtsinger LibrarianDuring Curtsinger’s construction, McInnis brought the library to the students across the campus and offered “Library to Go” for all students to check out print books and access digital materials.

All campus librarians continue to offer “Library to Go” so that all students can request and pick up books, whether they are in-person or virtual students. Check your campus librarian website to learn more.

Volunteer with Frisco ISD

Librarians across Frisco ISD rely upon community volunteers to keep their libraries running. Learn more about volunteering in FISD.

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