Seniors Place at National FCCLA Competition

Aug 23, 2021

LTHS FCCLA Nationals team

Lebanon Trail High School seniors Kay Shin Pua, Aliza Sohail and Neha Vinodh earned a Bronze Medal in their event at the National Family, Career and Community Leaders of America competition this summer.

Pua, Sohail and Vinodh placed in the Nutrition and Wellness Level 3 Event based on the hard work and dedication they put into their research project “Quarantine Cuisine.”

For this project, they surveyed their Lebanon Trail peers to learn about the effects of COVID-19-related quarantines in the 2020-21 school year. From eating habits to physical activity and mental health, the trio hoped that their findings could lead them to ways to support their peers.

“The topic was relevant, timely and something that was impacting all of us,” Pua said. “We wanted to explore the nutrition and wellness culture of our campus to see how our peers were being impacted by quarantines and the data clearly showed that quarantines affected all of us.”

Through their research, the trio learned that students who were in quarantine were not taking care of themselves physically, mentally or emotionally.

“Quarantined students need to take the time to find a balance between their school life and home life,” Sohail said. “Each student is unique but small changes can make a big difference.”

“Students need to make sure they eat three meals a day, stay on a set sleep schedule, get out of the house to exercise or just find time to pause and journal.”

The students found that relationships with their families during quarantine needed to be prioritized and expressed that although they are independent young adults, that parents share the responsibility of making sure that students are taking care of themselves.

Their sponsors Michelle Fiszer and Aneesha Jackson are proud of the coordination and determination of Pua, Sohail and Vinodh, who also won Gold at State FCCLA.

LTHS FCCLA Students with Advisors“It has been fun advising such self-motivated and driven students,” the advisors said. “Our FCCLA chapter only started a few years ago and these students are inspiring and motivating others to succeed.”

Pua, Sohail and Vinodh pointed out that they are thankful for the well-rounded education they have received in Frisco ISD that prepared them for Nationals. They identified Professional Communications and Independent Study and Mentorship as key classes that led them to their third place finish at Nationals.

As they start their senior year, they are excited and proud of the knowledge they have gained for their peers, as well as themselves. Pua, Sohail and Vinodh have each changed at least one habit in an effort to improve their overall nutrition and wellness.

High school students interested in FCCLA should reach out to their campus family and consumer sciences teacher.

“We are thankful for the close-knit camaraderie that FCCLA has brought us and we look forward to the volunteer and leadership opportunities this year will bring,” Vinodh said. “We are proud of the growth our Lebanon Trail FCCLA chapter has had over these past two years and we hope that more students will join us!”

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