Centennial Teacher Receives Award for Teaching Excellence

Shannon Rosenfeld CongratsCentennial High School teacher Shannon Rosenfeld won the Leon Jaworski Award for Teaching Excellence in Law-Focused Education, presented by the State Bar of Texas and Texas Young Lawyers Association.

The recognition recognizes one educator who has made an outstanding contribution to law-focused education.

Rosenfeld has taught government and economics for the past 21 years, including 16 years in Frisco ISD.

She enjoys academics and the opportunity to share knowledge with students.

“I love teaching subjects that have a clear resonance and applicability to the lives of seniors who are actively going through a transition stage in their lives,” Rosenfeld said. “I have the honor of teaching them real-life topics they can apply immediately in the world around them.”

Among other factors, she was chosen based on her leadership in the promotion of law-focused education and her development of law-focused education materials and programs.

Rosenfeld was nominated for this honor and received supporting letters of recommendation from several individuals.

She is an inspiration to her students and other teachers through her mentorship and consulting work on behalf of the Law-Related Education program for the State Bar of Texas.

Rosenfeld’s goal as a civic educator is to strengthen the political debate by sharpening the minds of her students and sending them into the world to engage in a healthy, respectful manner. She encourages her students to formulate their own political positions rooted in fact and reasoning as they begin their active participation in our democracy.

Rosenfeld was surprised with the award at a luncheon surrounded by her colleagues. She was awarded $500 towards supporting her continued law-focused education activities.

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