Elementary Visual Artists Burst With Natural Instinct and Creativity

Through art, students process their worries, feelings and emotions in uniquely individualized ways. Each spring, all elementary visual art teachers submit a limited number of pieces of student art to be rated at the Texas Elementary Art Meet (TEAM).

TEAM is designed to provide a collegiate assessment for elementary art students based on the standards of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This standards-based elementary art event uses the quality guidelines of VASE, the middle and high school competition, while accommodating the unique needs of young artists.

This year, Frisco ISD art teachers submitted 108 entries in the TEAM elementary visual art competition. 

In all, Frisco ISD students received 101 Gold Medals and seven Blue Ribbons. Of those students who earned Gold Medals in Frisco ISD, 10 received an additional Platinum Medal and were named Top of TEAM, the highest honor awarded in the competition. Top of TEAM students represent the top 10% of all artwork submitted across the state.

“This is an amazing accomplishment and we are so proud of Frisco ISD elementary art teachers who prepared each student to express themselves artistically,” Robert Draper, FISD fine arts coordinator. “Moments for thoughtful creativity embedded within the school day are vital to student development and the elementary art teachers are the best of the best.”

Congratulations to the Frisco ISD students who have been honored as 2021 Top of TEAM winners by the Texas Art Educators Association.

  • Ilan Berdichevskiy - First grade at Taylor Elementary
  • Piper Erickson - Fifth grade at Carroll Elementary
  • Emma Gibson - Second grade at Allen Elementary
  • Sreenidi Kesiboyana - Third grade at Taylor Elementary
  • Can Kong - Fourth grade at Anderson Elementary
  • Mahitha Kuchipudi - Third grade at Borchardt Elementary
  • Akshita Premkumar - Fifth grade at Talley Elementary
  • Martina Romero-Bianchi - Third grade at Ogle Elementary
  • Dhruv Sabarinathan - Fifth grade at Taylor Elementary
  • Ky Tolbert - Fourth grade at Ogle Elementary

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