Dance Students and Coaches Sparkle Under Pressure

Jun 09, 2021

Each year, dance students across the state and District are evaluated based on the skills they have acquired during dance classes.

Dance 1 students from all FISD high schools were evaluated virtually this spring through the Dance Educators Assessment of Learning, commonly known as DEAL. DEAL ensures dance practices align with the state Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills to promote student achievement and success in the art of dance education throughout the state.

This year, DEAL awarded a Division 1 rating to Centennial, Independence, Lebanon Trail, Liberty and Wakeland high schools.

Similar to the other performing arts of orchestra, choir and band, dance teachers and students are provided the opportunity to learn and perform new material in a timed format, similar to sight-reading. It is a high-pressure assessment process that can be stressful for both the student and educator.

This year, the educators had one week to teach technique-based choreography provided by a DEAL choreographer before submitting a recording of the dancers for evaluation. 

While each group of dance students hopes for a Division 1 rating, the DEAL evaluation also provides valuable feedback to dance educators. With DEAL feedback, educators can design best practices to implement within their dance programs to enhance student learning and progress in the art of dance. ‚Äč

“It is not just about the product, it is about what we can do to better meet the needs of students to help them reach their highest potential,” said Kristy Platt, Reedy High School dance coach and lead dance teacher for FISD. “Engaging students in meaningful dance experiences is the core to Dance 1.”

Congratulations to the Dance I students and their coaches who received a Division 1 rating!

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