Liberty Teacher Wins Outstanding Teaching of Humanities Award

Liberty High School teacher Sarah WisemanWhen Liberty High School humanities teacher Sarah Wiseman reflects on her teaching, she prides herself on how her students grow as citizens who can think critically and absorb complex historical and cultural movements, while learning about the world around them and being exposed to world views different from their own.

“A robust humanities education is a cornerstone to being a better citizen of the community, state, country and world,” Wiseman said. “In my classroom, they build skills they will take with them well past the classroom.”

Humanities Texas has named Wiseman as the recipient of the 2021 James F. Veninga Outstanding Teaching of the Humanities Award. This prestigious award is presented annually to one exemplary humanities teacher in a Texas elementary, middle or high school.

Wiseman has been with the District since 2008 and has experience teaching both social studies and integrated language arts. When Frisco ISD began to offer GT humanities in 2015, as defined by the Texas Administrative Code, she jumped at the chance to blend her passions together. This coming year, she will also be one of several teachers teaching African American Studies.

“The most rewarding part of teaching is developing relationships with students and seeing their love for learning light up,” Wiseman said. “I’m excited about connecting with students in this coming school year and I am already actively game-planning both a multidisciplinary and inquiry-based curriculum while focusing on how I can build supportive, positive relationships with students after a tumultuous school year.”

Wiseman explained that she leads and teaches from a place of love that starts with first learning about each student and their culture. 

“In my humanities classroom, I want them to see themselves represented in the classroom and curriculum because students respond to that,” Wiseman said. “I hope students leave my classroom with a love for other people and learning.

“They deserve to have the skills to think critically and to go into the world with open eyes and engaged brains.” 

Congratulations to Wiseman who was nominated by fellow teacher Jennifer Nelkin and had several colleagues and administrators write recommendation letters in support of her incredible teaching.

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