Journalism Students Achieve in Annual UIL Academic Contest

Jun 03, 2021

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) honors more than students in fine arts and athletics, they also honor students in numerous academic categories, including journalism.

Several Frisco ISD high school journalism programs and students were recognized by the UIL Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC) for online newspapers, broadcasts and yearbooks.

The students were commended on their storytelling and ability to connect with people while documenting the lives of students and families in the community. These students serve the campus community with information, connection and inspiration - even during the pandemic. 

The top publications are also entered into competition for ILPC's prestigious Gold, Silver and Bronze Star awards. Recipients of the Star Awards represent the top 10 percent of student newspapers and yearbooks in Texas.

Liberty High School was awarded twice with the Gold Star, the highest honor at the ILPC Convention, for the Liberty Wingspan online newspaper and the student-run broadcast, WTV Daily Update.

Student publications were also judged and assigned one of four ratings by publications specialists. 

Congratulations to the yearbook teams at Heritage, Lebanon Trail and Reedy high schools, which achieved the highest UIL ILPC rating, Distinguished Merit. Independence High School’s yearbook team received the ILPC association’s second-highest rate for their yearbook, The Rein.

Heritage and Liberty high schools also attained a Distinguished Merit rating for their broadcast teams, while Liberty received this additional honor for Liberty Wingspan

Students also submitted entries for Individual Achievement Awards for everything from news writing to sports photography. The competition is keen and the champions below represent the best of the best in the state.


All IAA Yearbook Frisco ISD winners are from Reedy High School

Infographic - 1st place Anita Ashok
Sports Spread - Honorable Mention Chloe Neely

Current Year Yearbook

All IAA Current Year Yearbook Frisco ISD winners are from Frisco High School

Blended Coverage Spread - 3rd place Chase Pride and Artis Terrell of Frisco High School
Photo Portfolios - 2nd place Kylie Daniel of Frisco High School
Sports-Focused Spread - 3rd place Avery Walker of Frisco High School

Online Newspaper

All IAA Frisco ISD winners are from Liberty High School

Editorial Writing - 1st Place Trisha Dasgupta, Honorable Mention Trisha Dasgupta
Entertainment Review - 1st place Drew Adrian Julao
Feature Writing - Honorable Mention (2x) Anna Cuen
In-Depth News/Feature Package - Honorable Mention Cooper Ragle, Honorable Mention Amelia Jauregui and Sarah Boutouis
Infographic/Sidebar - 1st place Erika Pernis and Athena Tseng
Multimedia Package - 3rd place Aaron Boehmer
News Feature - 2nd place Aaron Boehmer, 3rd Place Trisha Dasgupta
News Writing - 2nd place Aaron Boehmer, 3rd Place Aaron Boehmer and Trisha Dasgupta
Personal Opinion Column - 1st place Trisha Dasgupta
Sports Feature Story - 1st Place Aaron Boehmer and Kirthi Gumadi, 2nd place Remi Williams
Sports News Story - 3rd Place Remi Williams, Honorable Mention Remi Williams
Video Story - 2nd place Madigan Gunia, Honorable Mention Alicia Hernandez and Roy Nitzan


Feature Story - 1st place Trinity Williams and Akhil Katuri of Liberty High School, Honorable Mention Garrett Bohannan and Skye Ford of Wakeland High School
General Feature Writing - 1st place Leah Williams of Lebanon Trail High School
General News Story - 2nd place Garrett Bohannan and Brooke Friedrich of Wakeland High School, 3rd place Sumit Nalavade of Heritage High School
General News Writing - 2nd place Sumit Nalavade of Heritage High School
General Sports Story - Honorable Mention Cameron Kwong-Murphy, Landen Smith and Jackson Waitley of Wakeland High School
General Sports Writing - 1st place Preston Ravin of Heritage High School
Individual On-Air Talent - 1st place Sumit Nalavade of Heritage High School, 3rd place Nathan Lowenstein Lebanon Trail High School and 3rd place Isabelle Milford Heritage High School
Intro Sequence - 2nd place Isabelle Milford Heritage High School
Technical Directing - 3rd place Alysen Rose Heritage High School

Pandemic Broadcast

Feature Story - 2nd place Garrett Bohannan and Brooke Friedrich, Honorable Mention Garrett Bohannan Wakeland High School
News Story - 3d place Garrett Bohannan of Wakeland High School, Honorable Mention Leah Williams of Lebanon Trail High School

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