Lone Star Challenge Teams Dominate at State-Wide Academic Competition

May 27, 2021

Congratulations to the Frisco ISD Lone Star Challenge teams who took the top nine spots in the annual state-wide academic competition and 23 out of the top 25 spots!

The Lone Star Challenge is a state-wide academic competition for students in elementary schools. The competition has questions in math, science, reading and writing and is designed to enhance fourth and fifth grade students in their mastery of the STAAR testing program.

Congratulations to Anderson Elementary’s Lone Star Challenge team who are back-to-back state champions! Notably, Anderson Elementary has earned a first place finish in four of the last five competitions.

The first place Anderson Elementary and second place Taylor Elementary powerhouse teams are also repeat back-to-back first and second place state finishers. Students from seven other Frisco ISD schools finished in the top ten, including Borchardt, Comstock, Isbell, McSpedden, Phillips, Riddle and Talley.

“As a team, we often talk about how we cannot control how other teams perform, but we do have control over how hard we work,” said David Perry, Anderson Elementary fifth grade teacher and LSC coach. “We made it a goal to be the hardest working team that competed and we are incredibly proud of these students and their achievements, but mostly their individual perseverance.”

Each year, the LSC competition has a theme. This year’s topic was “The World at War” and the students read War Horse by Michael Morpurgo and learned about American culture, science and discoveries between 1910-19.

Congrats to the top two Frisco ISD teams listed below!

Anderson Elementary Lone Star Challenge Team PictureAnderson Elementary - 1st Place
Coaches Sue Kelly and David Perry

Aarav Agarwal, Grade 4
Roy Baranovitch, Grade 5
Ariesha Chitre, Grade 5
Rishabh Dinesh, Grade 4
Abhay Harika, Grade 5
Yukti Katti, Grade 4
Sabari Meenakshi, Grade 5
Aditri Pandey, Grade 5
Grant Paulsen, Grade 5
Kavya Prasad, Grade 5
Avni Singh, Grade 5
Saanvi Tiwari, Grade 5

Taylor Elementary School Lone Star Challenge TeamTaylor Elementary - 2nd Place
Coaches Kristine Joas and Payton Sanders

Ishaan Agarwal, Grade 4
Kathy Chen, Grade 5
Vaibhavi Kabra, Grade 5
Ria Kumari, Grade 5
Grace Li, Grade 4
Sanjana Nayak, Grade 5
Ashvita Rajesh, Grade 5
Vivaan Sachdev, Grade 4
Bhavesh Tammu, Grade 4

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