Frisco ISD Students Sweep Regional Texas Citizen Bee

Mar 23, 2021

Citizen Bee Logo

Congratulations to the three Frisco ISD students who won and swept the first, second and third place spots in the Texas Citizen Bee Competition for Region 10.

The Texas Citizen Bee is a statewide civic education program and competition for high school students that includes both a written test and oral rounds. This year, the competition was in a virtual format.

The timed, written competition included topics on the United States Constitution, important documents, people, landmark Supreme Court cases, civic values and skills and current events. 

The first place winner, Kendall Gee, is a freshman at Lebanon Trail High School who earned the opportunity to advance to the State competition later this month. Second place winner Aarej Syed is a junior at Liberty High School and third place winner Madhav Ravikiran is a freshman at Frisco High School. All three students were awarded gift cards for their accomplishments.

“I am so proud of these students, they practiced on their own time each evening and their hard work and perseverance shows,” said Patience LeBlanc, the instructional coach at Frisco High School who coached students on multiple campuses. “Kendall’s performance is particularly impressive because those who attend state are usually upperclassmen.”

If you think your Citizen skills are up to snuff, you are encouraged to check out the Citizen’s Bee website to quiz yourself on topics similar to the ones the students faced in competition.

Congratulations to all of the students that competed and best of luck to Kendall at state!

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