Middle School Theatre Students Dazzle at UIL Competition

Mar 22, 2021

Roach Middle School at OAP ContestFrisco ISD middle schools competed in the One-Act Play District Contest in which several students and campuses were recognized for their outstanding performances and artistry. A panel of three adjudicators decided on the best of the best plays from the 2020-21 school year and awarded several recognitions across Frisco ISD. From makeup and lighting to the stage performances, the hard work of students and their theatre directors is admirable. 

The District first place winner was Scoggins Middle School for their memorable performance entitled “Puffs.” Hunt Middle School's “Pinocchio Commedia” placed second while Roach Middle School took third place with “These Shining Lives.”

The One-Act Play Contest is more than a single performance that is judged on the stage. There are months of preparation that goes into planning, studying and building for what goes on before, during and after a performance. Without a doubt, the leadership of the campus theatre teacher is to be commended as they lead middle school students through a feat of artistic collaboration.

Congratulations to all of the students who represented their schools in the competition, including those listed below that were spotlighted.

Middle School One-Act Play Results

Middle Schools That Advanced to District

Zone A
Trent - “Chemical Imbalance”
Scoggins - “Puffs”

Zone B
Hunt “Pinocchio Commedia”
Roach “These Shining Lives”

Zone C
Stafford “The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane”
Cobb “The Girl in The White Pinafore”

District One-Act Play Final Ranking

1st Place - Scoggins “Puffs”
2nd Place - Hunt “Pinocchio Commedia”
3rd Place - Roach “These Shining Lives”

Best Performer Awards

Angelina Kmaya - Hunt
Whitney Wagstaff - Scoggins

Best Crew Award

Stafford Middle School

All-Star Technician Awards

Kendall Flumerfelt - Hunt
Glenn Carey - Scoggins
Jaylen Randell - Stafford
Isabelle Murillo - Trent
Alexander Delich - Cobb
Kallan Buchanan - Roach

All-Star Cast Acting Awards

Palmer Johnson - Hunt
Danielle Henry - Roach
Luka Crispino - Cobb
Abby Zapata - Stafford
Christian Lyons - Scoggins
Chloe Sneed - Roach
Sawyer Grubb - Trent
Brody Kastysyzn - Scoggins

Honorable Mention Acting Awards

Audrey Higgins - Cobb
Ashley Garci - Trent
Ava Green - Cobb
Carson Sacco - Roach
Kyra Dornich - Stafford
Carter Tibbits - Stafford
Meredith Holmes - Trent
Isaac Vincent - Hunt

Middle School Theatrical Design Contest Results

Set Design

Insiya Juzer - Wester
Jacob Montoya - Hunt
E. Stephens - Griffin
A. Selejan - Scoggins
Mariah Hopkins - Maus

Costume Design

Charlotte Dejecacion - Hunt
Advait Singh - Vandeventer
Addison Truman - Stafford
Karina Ayala - Wester
Loren Roche - Stafford

Marketing Design

Charlotte Dejecacion - Hunt
D. Rajan - Scoggins
Mia Hubert - Clark/Trent
Mukta Daripalli - Nelson
Riya Sharma - Vandeventer

Hair/Makeup Design

London Ayala - Wester
Tatum Friend - Stafford
Grace Fung - Vandeventer
Sanyam Shekhar - Nelson
Abigail Timmons - Stafford

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