Dallas Cowboys Recognize Newman Teacher

Feb 03, 2021

Newman ES Cathy May Check PresentationThe excitement was palpable as the Dallas Cowboys bus rounded the corner. Kindergarten students stretched along the sidewalk waiting to catch a glimpse of the Cowboys' mascot and help celebrate one of their Newman Elementary teachers. 

Last week, kindergarten teacher Cathy May was recognized by the Dallas Cowboys and Reliant Energy as a Cowboys Class Act winner in an outdoor presentation in front of the school.

May is known for encouraging and empowering her students, while striving for excellence in the classroom. She is also Newman’s 2020-21 Campus Teacher of the Year!

With 17 years in Frisco ISD, it is clear that May is part of what makes Frisco ISD teachers stronger together.

“Whether in-person or virtual, kids are still kids,” May said. “It all starts with getting to know each child as an individual person as we celebrate, laugh and grow together.

“I love seeing them engaged in their learning and working together to problem solve. There’s nothing quite like watching them beam with pride or experience those ‘light bulb’ moments.”

This year, May has taken on the role as a Virtual Academy kindergarten teacher where she strives to do what is best for each student and continually examines her practice to make sure she is reaching all learners.

Cathy May with Check“This year, parents have the opportunity to witness their child’s pride in learning,” May said. “It’s fun to see the surprise look on parents' faces when they realize all their children are capable of.”

May hopes that when her students progress through their studies that they can look back at their kindergarten experience and know that they were kept safe and loved.

“It is evident that Cathy loves working with children - from her countless stories to her celebrations related to student growth,” said Newman Principal Rachael Gilbert. “She demonstrates a sincere interest in her students and is compassionate towards their individual needs. 

“She exhibits a growth mindset daily by seeking additional ideas on how to best support the diverse learners within her classroom from specialists and her teammates on campus.” 

As a Cowboys Class Act award winner, May received a $3,000 grant which she hopes to put toward an outdoor learning space for the campus so that all Newman students can benefit.

“Mrs. May exhibits what it means to be ‘Stronger Together’ each day at Newman Elementary,” Gilbert said.

Community members can nominate their favorite teacher for this honor and prize by filling out a form on the Cowboys website.

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