Students From All 10 High Schools Make All-Region Bands

Jan 14, 2021

Students from all 10 Frisco ISD high school bands auditioned and were placed into one of the Region 24 All-Region Bands after auditioning in December. 

Region 24 includes students from Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney and Prosper ISDs, and is considered to be one of the most competitive regions in the state. This year, the vigorous audition process included a virtual submission process.

Congratulations to all of the students who made an All-Region band, including those that placed at the top of each instrument group and are advancing to Area auditions. Those who will compete in the Area auditions are working toward placement into one of the prestigious Texas All-State bands and are designated with an asterisk in the list below.

Centennial High School

Seth Adams - Freshman Band Tenor Saxophone
Riley Bagwell - Concert Band Percussion
John de la Cruz - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
Katy Doncer - Symphonic Band Euphonium 
Jolie Hamilton - Concert Band Bassoon
*Josh Jung - Wind Ensemble Oboe
Anna King - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
Benson Lin - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Jasmine Lu - Freshman Band Flute
Omkar Magi - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
Mithun Mahesh - Freshman Band Oboe
Shrimayi Mulukuntla - Freshman Band Flute
Callie Myrick - Concert Band Flute
Rishi Padhy - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
Ashley Park - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
*Paul Park - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Sanjana Putta - Concert Band Flute
Joshua Roy - Symphonic Band Alto Saxophone
John Robert Russell - Concert Band Euphonium
Timothy Shin - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
Vedanshi Sreeramoju - Freshman Band Flute
*Priyanka Subramanian - Wind Ensemble Bass Clarinet
*Justin Thompson - Symphonic Band Tenor Trombone
Veda Udtha - Concert Band Flute
Caleb White - Concert Band Percussion
Madeleine White - Concert Band Euphonium
Rahul Yadav - Concert Band Bass Clarinet

Frisco High School

Laksh Gulati - Concert Band Horn
Neel Gulati - Freshman Band Euphonium
Tyler Hermann - Symphonic Band Percussion
Ryan Hovey - Freshman Band Trumpet
Riley Huff - Freshman Band Flute
Rohan Jagannathan - Concert Band Trumpet
Maadhav Kothuri - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Preston Lee - Symphonic Band Percussion
Eeshwar Parasuramuni - Frisco Horn
Emily Patterson - Freshman Band Tuba
Elijah Silguero - Concert Band Horn
Elijah Silguero - Freshman Band Horn
Miguel Silguero - Freshman Band Tenor Saxophone

Heritage High School

Maunika Achanta - Concert Band Clarinet
Anna Adcox - Freshman Band Alto Saxophone
Anderson Ahn - Symphonic Band Clarinet
Anderson Ahn - Freshman Band Clarinet
Srinitya Chirravuri - Freshman Band Clarinet
Angela Flores - Concert Band Trombone
Neil Gupta - Concert Band Clarinet
*Lily Kern - Wind Ensemble Horn
Cater Kindla - Freshman Band Euphonium
Harshitha Mageshkumar - Concert Band Clarinet
Joshua Martinez - Concert Band Bassoon
*Shivansh Sharma - Wind Ensemble Bass Clarinet
Varun Vuppaladadiyam - Symphonic Band English Horn

Independence High School

Esha Bains - Symphonic Band Piccolo
Ayla Bourgault - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
Sam Brooks - Freshman Band Trumpet
*Mia Cotton - Wind Ensemble Flute
Sree Duggirala - Symphonic Band Tenor Saxophone
Meghana Dwarakinath - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
*Medha Gollapudi - Wind Ensemble Flute
Andrew Hildinger - Concert Band Bass Trombone
Sarah Hylton - Freshman Band Trumpet
Pranav Kalaiselvan - Symphonic Band Baritone Saxophone
Anika Karthik - Freshman Band French Horn
*Sarah Kemppainen - Wind Ensemble Bass Clarinet
*Jacob Leach - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Angelina Leng - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
*Apurva Mamidenna - Symphonic Band Tenor Trombone
Jayden McCall - Freshman Band Euphonium
Samuel McNamara - Wind Ensemble Tuba
Carson Mullen - Symphonic Band Euphonium
*Pratyush Nene - Concert Band Trumpet
Collin Peebles - Freshman Band Tuba
Nicholas Richa - Symphonic Band Tenor Trombone
Kaela Senerpida - Concert Band Flute
*Diego Teran - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Victoria Thiessen - Concert Band Eb Clarinet
Aditya Udyavar - Symphonic Band Flute

Lebanon Trail High School

Gene Adam Anareta - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Kyle Bowser - Symphonic Band French Horn
Bradley Buss - Concert Band Tenor Saxophone
*Sofia Chaho - Symphonic Band French Horn
*Ethan Chan - Wind Ensemble Tuba
Luke Cheng - Freshman Band Percussion
*Camden Colquhoun - Wind Ensemble Oboe
*Hannah Dryden - Wind Ensemble French Horn
Brent Foxworth - Freshman Band Tenor Trombone
Harsha Gadiraju - Concert Band French Horn
Bharath Guntaka - Freshman Band Bass Trombone
Naisha Gupta - Concert Band Bari Saxophone
Varsha Gupta - Concert Band Tenor Trombone
Jackson Hembree - Concert Band French Horn
*Emma Hicks - Wind Ensemble Euphonium
Garrett Hilburn - Symphonic Band Alto Saxophone
Ethan Ifert - Concert Band Bassoon
Kathryn Jordan - Concert Band French Horn
Halynn Jung - Concert Band Flute
Rijul Kakar - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Phoebe Kelly - Concert Band Trumpet
Cary Kullenberg - Concert Band French Horn
Sharanya Kusgur - Symphonic Band Trumpet
*Jordan Lee - Wind Ensemble Tuba
Madison Lide - Concert Band French Horn
Ethan Mathews - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
Lauren McCord - Symphonic Band Euphonium
Gwen Milette - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Jackson Montee - Freshman Band French Horn
Maya Naraine - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
Or Natan - Freshman Band French Horn
Claire Nelson - Symphonic Band French Horn
Jonathan Nelson - Concert Band Tuba
Melissa Pao - Freshman Band Flute
Sean Park - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
*Luka Pavich - Symphonic Band French Horn
Vishnu Ramesh - Concert Band Alto Saxophone
Hailey Rasco - Symphonic Band Flute
Minseo Roh - Symphonic Band Oboe
Kristen Royer - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
Kayla Schlotman - Symphonic Band Bassoon
Nila Shankar - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
Aarush Singh - Freshman Band Bass Clarinet
Luke Swanson - Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet
*Bridgette Thomas - Wind Ensemble Trumpet
Matthew Thomas - Freshman Band French Horn
*Olivia Thomas - Wind Ensemble Piccolo
John Caleb Timpani - Concert Band Percussion
Natasha Tsay - Symphonic Band Flute
*Alora Uva - Wind Ensemble Eb Clarinet
Rhea Vogga - Concert Band Flute
Megan Wang - Concert Band French Horn
*Ryan Yoon - Symphonic Band Tenor Trombone
*Michael Zhao - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Adam Zhu - Freshman Band Tuba
Ellison Zhu - Freshman Band Tenor Trombone

Liberty High School

Olivia Allphin - Concert Band French Horn
Aidan Burkle - Symphonic Band Trombone
*Krista Isabelle Caparas - Wind Ensemble English Horn
Rachel Chang - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
Allyson Chen - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
Irene Choi - Concert Band Flute
*Eujin Chung - Wind Ensemble Flute
*Dhruv Dilbaghi - Wind Ensemble French Horn
Zachary Ford - Concert Band Trombone
Madison Gray - Symphonic Band French Horn
*Joshua Graves - Wind Ensemble French Horn
Kirthi Gummadi - Symphonic Band Bass Clarinet
*Yaena (Michelle) Hong - Wind Ensemble Flute
*Adarsh Javvaji - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Julia Johnson - Wind Ensemble Trumpet
*Nicole Johnson - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
*Jia Kanar - Symphonic Band French Horn
*Hannah Lee - Wind Ensemble Flute
Guy Levi - Symphonic Band Percussion
Lauren Maher - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
Yuvi Maheshwary - Symphonic Band Percussion
Amanda Meng - Concert Band Flute
*Arshia Narula - Symphonic Band Alto Saxophone
*Gurnoor Narula - Wind Ensemble Tenor Saxophone
*Olivia O’Brien - Piccolo
Yukthasree Perneti - Freshman Band Percussion
Simon Pham - Wind Ensemble Bass Clarinet
Sumedh Potla - Concert Band Alto Saxophone
Andrey Pridgen - Symphonic Band French Horn
Hunter Ritchie - Symphonic Band Percussion
Arnav Sareen - Freshman Band Euphonium
Mark Violante - Freshman Band Trombone
*Jeffrey Wang - Wind Ensemble Percussion
*Christopher Xiao - Trumpet
Jason Xie - Freshman Band Bassoon
Connie Yang - Symphonic Band Flute
William Zhang - Concert Band Oboe

Lone Star High School

*Harvest Aquino - Symphonic Band Percussion
*River Aquino - Bassoon
Hannah Berryman - Concert Band Piccolo
Gavin Bolton - Freshman Band Flute
Adam Brown - Concert Band Trumpet
Rhys Bulham - Concert Band Tuba
Ritika Deivasigamani - Wind Ensemble Flute
Freddy Ferman II - Symphonic Band Tuba
Lauren Fullerton - Symphonic Band Eb Clarinet
Kody Grayson - Freshman Band Tuba
Vinay Gupta - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Cameron Hazzard - Freshman Band Trumpet
Kristin Heng - Concert Band Trumpet
Ian Hunt - Symphonic Band Tuba
Logan Hunt - Freshman Band Trombone
Isaac Jacinto - Concert Band Alto Saxophone
Bhanu Kunam - Concert Band Bass Clarinet
Anthony Marin - Freshman Band Percussion
*Landon Murr - Wind Ensemble Bassoon
*Jacob Ogbu - Wind Ensemble Trombone (Advanced to All-State Jazz Band)
Joshua Pederson - Concert Band Trombone
Clarissa Perera - Freshman Band Flute
Emma Rugg - Symphonic Band Trumpet
Seth Rugg - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
Jeremiah Saguil - Symphonic Band Trombone
Daniel Schonfeld - Concert Band Trombone
John Seeley - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
Hayden Sosbee - Symphonic Band Euphonium
Charles Stateler - Concert Band Trombone

Memorial High School

Darius Cojocari - Symphonic Band Trumpet
*Kamel Elkadri - Wind Ensemble Clarinet
Ethan Gopez - Freshman Band Percussion
Khush Gupta - Symphonic Band Clarinet
Jonathan Hall - Symphonic Band Trumpet
*Pratyush Patra - Wind Ensemble Percussion
Luke Welch - Concert Band Percussion
Emelie Wu - Symphonic Band Clarinet
*Wolfgang Yarbrough - Symphonic Band Contra-Bass Clarinet

Reedy High School

Madeleine Belden - Freshman Band Percussion
Tayde Cabrera - Symphonic Band Trombone
Joon Cho - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
*Jim Fang - Wind Ensemble Alto Saxophone
Joanna Fang - Symphonic Band Bb Clarinet
*Ayaan Jacobs - Wind Ensemble Euphonium
Pranav Jaganathan - Concert Band Bari Saxophone
Ryan Kim - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Riya Mane - Freshman Band Bassoon
Isha Patel - Freshman Band Oboe
Priya Ramotar - Concert Band Flute
Max Roemer - Concert Band Euphonium
*Calvin Sall - Wind Ensemble Bb Clarinet
Ronit Totlani - Freshman Band Flute
*Argus Vincze - Symphonic Band French Horn
*Brian Ye - Symphonic Band Tuba
*Jonathan Ye - Wind Ensemble Percussion

Wakeland High School

Nishant Argekar - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
*Sonakshi Bhatia - Wind Ensemble Bassoon
Sadie Bridge - Symphonic Band Flute
Dylan Chapman - Symphonic Band Percussion
Patrick Daddino - Concert Band Percussion
*Chloe Ellis - Wind Ensemble Trumpet
Sarah James - Freshman Band Percussion
*Jaxon Lane - Symphonic Band Euphonium
Andrew Long - Concert Band Tuba
Emi Maeno - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
*Colin Odum - Symphonic Band Bass Trombone
Ella Park - Freshman Band Oboe
Mohi Rapaka - Concert Band Bb Clarinet
Emma Raschke - Symphonic Band Flute
Evon Scheurich - Freshman Band Bb Clarinet
*Abbey Summers - Symphonic Band Oboe
*Aniruth Vishnupriyan - Wind Ensemble Trumpet
Zach Yang - Freshman Band Alto Saxophone

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