Students Explore Careers and Win Scholarship Money

Jan 13, 2021

Students from Lone Star and Memorial high schools joined together to participate in the Workforce Solutions North Central Texas fall youth career exploration event.

The Workforce Solutions North Central Texas held a virtual conference where several scientists presented their STEM career pathways in the field of meteorology to more than 150 students across North Texas. Students learned about careers, networking and local internship opportunities.

Several students served by the Functional Academics program at Memorial High School attended the event with the help of peer buddies. Students in the FA classroom have access to individually paced curriculum and goals that are developed for each student, focusing on reading, writing and math with a strong emphasis on pre-vocational skills. 

“Pairing special education students with peers their own age is extremely important in their development both academically and socially,” said Heather Friese, Memorial Functional Academics teacher. “Inclusion is a core necessity for every special education student.

“Every student deserves the opportunity to shine and grow.”

Students collaborated as they competed against numerous teams in timed digital escape rooms. With teamwork and determination, one Frisco ISD team won the second place prize of $250 in scholarship money.

“In Frisco ISD, we are inclusive, engaging, partnering and collaborating in new ways,” Friese said. “We danced around campus celebrating the success of our students.

“Seeing the kids so excited about their success is part of why I got into education.”

This online event allowed students to stay safe utilizing the powers of technology but still unite to solve modern environmental problems such as pollution, natural disasters and more, proving that virtual learning can be engaging and interactive.

“My students got to see different careers they didn’t know were possible thanks to this event and competition,” Friese said. “Through the competition they also got to see that working hard pays off. 

“It was exciting to see them participate, ask questions and be engaged in a different way. While the virtual environment isn’t always easy, it has afforded numerous opportunities to allow students to work together in their groups, grow and explore in ways never considered before.”

Congratulations to all of the students who competed, but especially these students who placed in the escape room competition.

  • Nayely Bartolo - Memorial High School junior 

  • Hahnbee Choi - Lone Star High School senior

  • Leethaar Islam - Memorial High School junior 

  • Shreya Krovvidi - Memorial High School junior

  • Cameron Martin - Memorial High School senior 


  • Avi Bhandary

  • Maggie Brockman

  • Nibras Islam  

  • Heylin Jolley

  • Zumaree Jones

  • McKayla Morris

  • Caleb Nutt

  • Connor Richins

  • Nayah Shahdin 

  • Parsa Safavi Sohi

Each student who participated in the virtual event received a hands-on climate/weather science activity kit.

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