Choral Students Advance to Area

Jan 04, 2021

Twenty high school choral students have earned the opportunity to compete in the final round of auditions leading to the Texas All-State Choir.

These students have spent countless hours in practice preparing for the competition, honing their voices and talent.

Each student competed against an extremely select group to move onto the final round of auditions later this month. 

Congratulations to these students on such a monumental achievement.

Soprano I

Isabella Leonardson, Independence High School

Soprano 2

Megan Guidry, Liberty High School
Aliyanarah Fortuna, Independence High School

Alto 1

Chaya Ranganatha, Centennial High School
Hahnbee Choi, Lone Star High School

Alto 2

Kamarri Askew, Liberty High School
Nikita Dham, Liberty High School
Ashley Eapen, Independence High School

Tenor 1

Brendan Behm, Independence High School
Nick Garner, Independence High School
Keshav Iyer, Reedy High School

Tenor 2

Brooklyn McDonald, Independence High School
Luke Lawson, Reedy High School
Davin Peterson, Heritage High School

Bass 1

Tristen Sabin, Independence High School
Mark Ford, Frisco High School

Bass 2

Ashwin Krishnan, Centennial High School
Luke Noack, Independence High School
Arjun Krishnan, Centennial High School
Trevor Odum, Wakeland High School

A special congratulations also goes to the directors who lead each of these students on their musical journeys.

  • Centennial High School Director Nick La Rocca

  • Frisco High School Director Tracy Bradstreet

  • Heritage High School Director Chris Rhodea

  • Independence Directors Stephanie Keen and Jonathan Pilgrim

  • Liberty High School Director Toni Ugolini

  • Lone Star High School Director Michael Grant

  • Reedy High School Director Jimmy Robertson

  • Wakeland High School Director Paul Bright

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