Middle School Musicians Invited to All-Region Band

Dec 04, 2020

More than 260 middle school students have received an invitation to participate in one of the Region 24 All-Region bands. Notably, all 17 middle schools are represented by the student musicians.

Region 24 includes Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney and Prosper ISDs, and the auditions are extremely competitive. The audition process can be intimidating for musicians in a regular school year, but the students took on the virtual submission process with admirable gusto.

Frisco ISD is proud of all the students who participated in the audition process, including those listed below who were selected to be part of one of these regional honor groups:

Concert Band

Zayd Abdelgawad, Trumpet - Lawler
Arnav Adya, Clarinet - Lawler
Pranav Adya, Clarinet - Lawler
Medha Anasuri, Clarinet - Vandeventer
Ria Arora, Euphonium - Fowler
Sharada Athreya, Oboe - Clark
Bhavana Balaji, Clarinet - Lawler
Nicole Balang, Flute - Clark
Mridula Balasubramniam, Bass Clarinet - Hunt
David Ball, Percussion - Clark
Rajitha Banda, Alto Saxophone - Nelson
Brooke Barton, Oboe - Griffin
Claire Beaird, Trumpet - Cobb
Grayson Bell, Bassoon - Wester
Brennan Blalock, Trumpet - Stafford
Meldoy Brackeen, Horn - Wester
Eric Cansler, Trumpet - Griffin
James Coleman, Trombone - Wester
Noah Courcy, Trumpet - Fowler
Aditya Dawane, Alto Saxophone - Pioneer Heritage
Gabriella DeMartin, Flute - Lawler
London Dilloway, Bassoon - Stafford
Teagan Dixon, French Horn - Fowler
Max Dowd, French Horn - Vandeventer
Suhas Gattu, Horn - Trent
Achintya Ghayal, Alto Sax - Fowler
Anthony Green, Horn - Trent
Landon Harris, Euphonium - Griffin
David Head, Percussion - Stafford
Grant Henderson, Euphonium - Pearson
Jonathan Hopkins, Bari Saxophone - Fowler
Robert Johnson, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage
Nathan Jones, Clarinet - Trent
Krisvin Joseph, Flute - Pioneer Heritage
Om Joshi, Percussion - Vandeventer
Isabel Jung, Flute - Clark
Taewoo Jung, Tenor Trombone - Clark
Madison Lam, Clarinet - Pearson
Hayden Lee, Flute - Cobb
Lawrence Lee, Euphonium - Stafford
Mackenzie Lehner, Percussion - Pioneer Heritage
Zachary Leighton, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage
Charlotte Lindsey, Tenor Trombone - Hunt
Smaran Manchala, French Horn - Lawler
Panav Mhatre, Flute - Fowler
Brianna Mihelich, Bb Clarinet - Hunt
Emma Mo, Percussion - Pioneer Heritage
Swayamshu Mohanty, Oboe - Clark
Roland Nguyen, Tuba - Vandeventer
Ashton Van Nortwick, Trombone - Stafford
Veda Nutheti, Flute - Lawler
Bella Oushalkas, Percussion - Vandeventer
Manav Parekh, Percussion - Fowler
Jueol Park, Flute - Cobb
Ajitesh Perpeli, Percussion - Maus
Austin Peterson, Tuba - Stafford
Caleb Phillips, Trumpet - Griffin
Aarushi Poddar, French Horn - Lawler
Krish Pokle, Flute - Fowler
Aiden Pradhan, Percussion - Hunt
Partha Ranganatha, French Horn - Lawler
Nicholas Robinson, Tuba - Pioneer Heritage
Easton Ruhter, Trumpet - Maus
Mira Sardeshpande, Clarinet - Nelson
Sahishnu Sathish, Tenor Saxophone - Nelson
Anika Shah, Flute - Pearson
Zachary Smith, Trombone - Fowler
Asher Staudenmaier, Trumpet - Stafford
Michael Vargas, Tenor Saxophone - Maus
Shiven Velagapudi, Trumpet - Lawler
Rishi Vindokumar, Trombone - Lawler
Connor Yun, Alto Sax - Maus

Symphonic Band

Rishi Akella, Flute - Lawler
Zach Baker, Percussion - Clark
Vishal Baskar, Trombone - Maus
Carlos Castro, Percussion - Stafford
Rasya Chirravuri, Flute - Maus
Adit Roy Choudhury, Trombone - Maus
Ethan Dill, Bassoon - Cobb
Bien Franco Donor, Trumpet - Maus
Madison Epps, Euphonium - Griffin
William Folkmann, Trombone - Maus
Nikolas French, Alto Saxophone - Cobb
Jacob Graham, Bari Saxophone - Pearson
Nandini Guduru, Flute - Maus
Mananya Gupta, Flute - Vandeventer
Dzevad Hadzialic, Horn - Griffin
Trip Hayes, French Horn - Cobb
Chloe Hwang, Clarinet - Lawler
Tyler Jensen, Trombone - Maus
Landon Jones, Alto Saxophone - Nelson
Annelise Jordan, Alto Saxophone - Cobb
Rylan Kaiser, Tuba - Maus
Shritan Khammamkar, Bass Clarinet - Nelson
Om Kherde, Alto Saxophone - Pearson
Abirami Koteeswaran, Flute - Roach
Anya Krishna, Clarinet - Fowler
Ishana Krishnan, Flute - Pioneer Heritage
Jeremiah Kwon, Alto Sax - Fowler
Vivian Lindsey, Percussion - Hunt
Jason Ly, Trombone - Griffin
Yumi Maeno, Trumpet - Cobb
Nikita Manikandan, Alto Saxophone - Stafford
Naomi Mayo, Trumpet - Griffin
Jacob McCoy, Tenor Trombone - Clark
Amber McKosky, French Horn - Cobb
Grayson Mendolia, Bassoon - Cobb
Julia Merritt, Alto Saxophone - Lawler
Savannah Monson, Tuba - Clark
Abhay Murthy, Clarinet - Fowler
Nikhil Patel, Euphonium - Pioneer Heritage
Vaishnavi Pavaluri, Euphonium - Nelson
Gianni Pesiri, Baritone Saxophone - Clark
Mihir Potdar, Clarinet - Fowler
Ranjana Ram, Oboe - Lawler
Hayden Ratermann, Oboe - Cobb
Preston Rydzewski, Trumpet - Pearson
Adhish Santas, Bb Clarinet - Clark
Andrew Santi, Tuba - Griffin
Sneha Sathish, Percussion - Vandeventer
Emily Schandlbauer, Percussion - Cobb
DongJoo Shin, Flute - Pearson
Olubi Shobowale, Tenor Saxophone - Fowler
Aditya Singh, Flute - Fowler
Advay Singh, Bassoon - Vandeventer
Arja Singh, Horn - Griffin
Ahaan Sinha, Clarinet - Vandeventer
Chase Skender, Percussion - Clark
Trey Straw, Horn - Stafford
Rohit Sullia, Percussion - Maus
Teena Thomas, Trumpet - Fowler
Simeon Varghese, Percussion - Pearson
Deetya Verma, Flute - Nelson
Maddison Watkins, Tuba - Lawler
Jana Willie, Trumpet - Roach
Kate Wilson, Horn - Griffin
Ben Wolfe, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage
Arya Worathur, Horn - Pearson
Rachael Ye, Flute - Fowler

Honors Band

Athul Alapati, Percussion - Griffin
Timothy Alex, Percussion - Nelson
Kasia Badger, Clarinet - Griffin
Nathanael Bellocchio, French Horn - Hunt
Lua Campos, Percussion - Roach
Rosemary Chen, Bassoon - Fowler
Dermot Chester, Trombone - Vandeventer
Alexa Chua, Euphonium - Fowler
Mia Cooper, Bass Clarinet - Maus
Ryan Cotton, French Horn - Scoggins
Joseph Daddino, Alto Saxophone - Griffin
Tiya Desai, Flute - Pearson
Shawn Ebuh, Tuba - Griffin
Daniel Escribano, French Horn - Pioneer Heritage
Chloe Fai, Oboe - Fowler
Angie Fei, Flute - Vandeventer
Noah Foltz, Trombone - Lawler
Mason Goode, Trumpet - Roach
Jaelynn Gutierrez-Yanes, Clarinet - Stafford
Nathan Hambright, Percussion - Staley
Murtaza Haque, Percussion - Stafford
Akshay Iyer, Tuba - Maus
Ireland Jackson, Percussion - Cobb
Nina Kamo, Percussion - Cobb
Rohit Katuri, Trombone - Fowler
Zaid Khan, Trombone - Lawler
Takuma Kitahama, Trumpet - Fowler
Nicholas Koepp, Clarinet - Wester
Atharva Kulkarni, Tenor Saxophone - Stafford
Luke LeBlanc, Trombone - Fowler
Erin Lee, Flute - Pioneer Heritage
Isabelle Lee, Clarinet - Pearson
Sawyer Lewis, Trombone - Maus
Hank Li, Trumpet - Fowler
Niva Malthankar, Alto Saxophone - Hunt
Ashlyn Michaelson, Flute - Stafford
Ben Miller, Bassoon - Griffin
Matthew Miller, Trumpet - Maus
Makayla Montee, French Horn - Fowler
Rajiv Morthala, Euphonium - Lawler
Seth Myrick, Trumpet - Clark
Harish Napa, Clarinet - Vandeventer
Zara Nouman, Oboe - Maus
Padmini Paka, Alto Saxophone - Lawler
Paolo Panganiban, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage
Kaiya Patel, Clarinet - Maus
Evan Phan, Bass Clarinet - Trent
Amrith Rajesh, Trombone - Pearson
Luke Rugg, Trumpet - Stafford
Faith Ryu, Bb Clarinet - Hunt
Suhaib Sabir, Trumpet - Fowler
Dominic Sahagun, Tuba - Maus
Samantha Salinas, Flute - Stafford
Paula Sanchez, Clarinet - Fowler
Dhanvanth Sankar, Percussion - Maus
Maaz Shamim, Alto Saxophone - Cobb
Manil Shangle, Euphonium - Fowler
Ryan Shim, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage
Ethan Sosa, Trombone - Lawler
Phillip Suter, Trumpet - Cobb
Janhavi Swaminathan, Bassoon - Fowler
Ishaan Thakur, Alto Saxophone - Hunt
Scarlett Whitsell, Trumpet - Cobb
Madison Willingham, Flute - Stafford
Sarah Wilson, Clarinet - Griffin
Brandon Yeh, Trombone - Pioneer Heritage
Skyler Zachary, Alto Sax - Fowler

Wind Ensemble

Ben Alldredge, Euphonium - Cobb
Nick Anderson, French Horn - Scoggins
Phoebe Atchley, Trumpet - Fowler
Subina Baiju, Clarinet - Vandeventer
Jonathan Banks, French Horn - Fowler
Sahil Bellam, Alto Saxophone - Lawler
Sophie Boomstra, Horn - Griffin
Evan Bullitt, Tenor Saxophone - Vandeventer
Zoie Chen, Bass Clarinet - Fowler
Emma Conkwright, Clarinet - Cobb
Alexander Darias, Alto Saxophone - Lawler
Wyatt Dunham, Trumpet - Fowler
Logan Gill, Alto Sax - Maus
Kaitlyn Godisan, Alto Sax - Maus
Claire Hill, Euphonium - Cobb
Matthew Hung, Clarinet - Vandeventer
Faris Idbeis, Tenor Saxophone - Nelson
Rohan Jannu, Trumpet - Vandeventer
Ethan Kim, Euphonium - Fowler
Evan Kim, Trombone - Pearson
Mina Kim, Bb Clarinet - Hunt
Emma Leifeste, Percussion - Roach
Samant Lingala, Bass Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage
Kevin Liu, Clarinet - Lawler
Emma Logsdon, Bassoon - Stafford
Isaiah Marah, Trombone - Wester
Anna McPeek, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage
Junhye Min, Flute - Clark
Shaunak Misra, Euphonium - Vandeventer
Rayhan Mohammad, Trombone - Maus
Trisha Nair, Flute - Stafford
Sashank Nandanavanam, Clarinet - Pioneer Heritage
Kelvin Nguyen, Trombone - Fowler
Soomin Oh, Flute - Fowler
Peter Peev, French Horn - Fowler
Lucas Ponce, Trumpet - Pioneer Heritage
Judson Prasifka, French Horn - Roach
Wei-Yee Pua, Flute - Lawler
Aryan Rajpal, Percussion - Pearson
Om Rao, Tuba - Lawler
Erin Riedel, Tuba - Clark
Brianna Rausch, Clarinet - Maus
Chloe Ross, Percussion - Cobb
Cole Schettler, French Horn - Cobb
Vivaan Sharma, Trombone - Maus
Reina Shim, Flute - Pioneer Heritage
Kingston Solecki, Trumpet - Stafford
Evan Sosbee, Baritone Saxophone - Stafford
Dylan Taruc, Tenor Trombone - Clark
Neha Vommi, Trumpet - Maus
Dominique de Waal, Bassoon - Maus
Jaden Watson, Alto Saxophone - Staley
Sophia Yu, Flute - Fowler
Jimmy Zhou, Clarinet - Fowler
Andrew Zito, Trombone - Pearson

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