Middle School Orchestra Students Make All-Region

Nov 30, 2020

Students representing all 17 middle school campuses competed in the annual Texas Music Educators Association Region 24 All-Region Middle School Orchestra auditions.

While the competition was virtual this year, students and their directors have been preparing for this annual event like any other year. TMEA released several music excerpts at the beginning of the school year and students prepared these pieces for months in anticipation of the audition.

The Region 24 All-Region Orchestra audition included more than 1,000 students from Frisco, McKinney and Prosper ISDs.

The District looks forward to the continued success of all the orchestra students who went through the virtual audition. The audition process can be intimidating for young musicians in a regular school year, but the students took on the virtual submission process with gusto. 

Congratulations to the more than 200 student musicians who were placed in one of the three All-Region orchestras. Undoubtedly, their commitment to practicing their instruments is to be commended.


Meghana Aduri, Violin - Roach
Atifa Basha, Viola - Lawler
Nancy Bayles, Violin - Griffin
Chloe Bimpong, Viola - Roach
Ram Bonthala, Violin - Vandeventer
Paige Bubela, Cello - Griffin
Annaliese Burkle, Harp - Vandeventer
Carson Charles, Bass - Griffin
Prarthana Chelat, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Grace Fei, Violin - Vandeventer
John Fu, Violin - Vandeventer
Siri Ganapathineedi, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Yixuan Guan, Violin - Roach
Jin Ha, Violin - Fowler
Shadai Haeri, Violin - Maus
Lauren Ho, Violin - Fowler
Grace Jeong, Violin - Vandeventer
Hayoon Jin, Violin - Vandeventer
Niharika Kalgaonkar, Viola - Fowler
Aswikha Karthikeyan, Viola - Fowler
Eliott Kim, Cello - Fowler
Minseok Kim, Cello - Vandeventer
Srivibha Kolanupaka, Viola - Roach
Justin Kwok, Violin - Fowler
Rachel Kwong, Cello - Fowler
Evan Le, Violin - Fowler
Irene Lee, Viola - Hunt
Kyuri Lee, Violin - Maus
Ryan Lee, Violin - Vandeventer
Zachary Leslie, Bass - Fowler
Sophia Luo, Cello - Griffin
Kamran Merritt, Viola - Hunt
Nathan Minn, Violin - Fowler
Irene Na, Violin - Fowler
Evan Ng, Violin - Fowler
Grace Oh, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Rachel Ok, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Chloe Pai, Viola - Fowler
Ayush Pandey, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Gaurang Pendyala, Viola - Pearson
Diya Ramesh, Violin - Vandeventer
Ivy Range, Violin - Lawler
Rishub Rathod, Viola - Fowler
Mackenzie Raymond, Cello - Vandeventer
Kobe Reese, Bass - Roach
Shrinidhi Rengarajan, Cello - Lawler
Owen Ryu, Violin - Vandeventer
Rudy Sathish, Violin - Roach
Samyuktha Shanthakumar, Violin - Vandeventer
DJ Shin, Violin - Pearson
Sukriti Sinha, Violin - Fowler
Rithvik Sonwalkar, Bass - Lawler
Nolan Sow, Cello - Vandeventer
Avery Stevens, Violin - Vandeventer
Cayden Teng, Bass - Lawler
Cindy Trinh, Viola - Vandeventer
Gayatri Velavarthipati, Harp - Roach
Saimanasaa Viswanathan, Violin - Vandeventer
Eric Wang, Violin - Fowler
Ethan Wang, Viola - Fowler
Jayden Weng, Violin - Lawler
Ella Wertz, Cello - Cobb
Justin Yamashita, Cello - Vandeventer
Vanshika Yanala, Violin - Nelson
Lucas Yeh, Violin - Nelson
Kamryn Yessian, Violin - Pearson
Daniel Yi, Cello - Pearson
Angela Zhang, Cello - Griffin
Ethan Zheng, Cello - Pearson
Eddie Zhou, Cello - Fowler


Dhruv Alamuri, Violin - Lawler
Yoshua Alexander, Cello - Maus
Aparna Balaji, Harp - Lawler
Kiran Balaji, Violin - Hunt
Pritika Bhasin, Violin - Vandeventer
Nithya Boddu, Violin - Fowler
Sarayu Bongale, Viola - Vandeventer
Reshabh Chakrabarty, Cello - Pearson
Stephen Choy, Violin - Nelson
Tanvi Desai, Violin - Vandeventer
Rohan Dhuwaraha, Violin - Trent
Tanvi Dominic, Violin - Fowler
Neya Gupta, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Sofy Gutierrez, Bass - Pearson
Saindhavi Hariharan, Harp - Lawler
Iishaan Inabathini, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Vinay Jayanti, Violin - Cobb
Yasmeena Khalife, Violin - Griffin
Nikhil Khanna, Viola - Lawler
Pritika Kharkwal, Violin - Fowler
Jennifer Kim, Violin - Fowler
Yun Kim, Cello - Wester
Sanjana Kosuri, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Krish Kumar, Cello - Vandeventer
Katherine Kwon, Violin - Griffin
Ellen Li, Viola - Fowler
Rachana Lothumalla, Viola - Roach
Jack Lynch, Violin - Maus
Anirdesh Mandavilli, Viola - Vandeventer
Sarah Marshall, Violin - Griffin
Vaishnavi Moturi, Viola - Lawler
Abhinav Nair, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Rithika Nagarajan, Violin - Maus
Aditya Nallaparaju, Cello - Fowler
Rhea Ninan, Viola - Maus
Abhiram Nandiraju, Cello - Pioneer Heritage
Jamie Oli, Violin - Roach
Rithvik Pandey, Violin - Vandeventer
Pranav Pakanati, Violin - Maus
Lisa Partain, Viola - Pearson
Ananya Ramesh, Violin - Fowler
Nikhil Reddy, Violin - Pioneer Heritage
Daniel Ryu, Cello - Trent
Agniv Sarkar, Violin - Roach
Gabriela Servigna, Bass - Roach
Avishi Singh, Harp - Lawler
Remy Sisman, Viola - Nelson
Micah Song, Cello - Nelson
Albert Sun, Cello - Lawler
Sreeja Surisetti, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Tarun Tornala, Violin - Vandeventer
Samanyu Venna, Viola - Lawler
Trisha Vijay, Violin - Cobb
Kabir Vonkarey, Viola - Pearson
Joshua Wang, Bass - Fowler
Jack Withrow, Cello - Cobb
Vishal Yedulapuram, Violin - Griffin
Linda Zhang, Violin - Pearson
Mudi Zhang, Violin - Vandeventer
Alexander Zhou, Cello - Wester


Sheikh Ali, Viola - Fowler
Ben Bailey, Viola - Maus
Ananya Balakrishnan, Harp - Roach
Hannah Baumel, Bass - Fowler
Abhinav Bhagavan, Viola - Fowler
Mahi Bhatnagar, Viola - Fowler
Yejin Choi, Violin - Vandeventer
Abiodun Dare, Viola - Vandeventer
Olivia Das, Bass - Maus
Mariella Davies, Viola - Cobb
Aadee Ashish Doshi, Violin - Wester
Tristyn Drake, Viola - Griffin
Varun Dronamraju, Violin - Lawler
Jason Eom, Violin - Maus
Hongbo Fang, Violin - Wester
Rishika Garudadri, Violin - Fowler
Arush Gopalakrishnan, Violin - Vandeventer
Advika Harihar, Viola - Pioneer Heritage
Elisha Ho, Violin - Fowler
Laura Huang, Cello - Vandeventer
Phil Jeon, Violin - Vandeventer
Jeanne Jordan, Violin - Fowler
Seunghyun Jung, Violin - Vandeventer
Snigdha Kamisetty, Viola - Maus
Aditi Karthik, Bass - Nelson
Harnoor Kaur, Viola - Nelson
Chloe Kim, Violin - Lawler
Ryan Kim, Cello - Fowler
Jayden Koid, Violin - Maus
Isaiah Kolwa, Cello - Roach
Meghna Kuppachi, Violin - Roach
Ciara Lacy, Violin - Maus
Martin Gutierrez Lazo, Cello - Roach
Eunsong Lee, Viola - Pearson
Noah Lee, Cello - Roach
Yoonsurp Lee, Violin - Pearson
Yumi Lee, Cello - Pioneer Heritage
Ethan Liu, Violin - Vandeventer
Shayne Maingi, Violin - Roach
Naba Malik, Bass - Maus
Oviya Mathi, Violin - Maus
Sonja Mo, Cello - Vandeventer
Sriram Mupparapu, Violin - Vandeventer
Abhay Nampoothiri, Violin - Pearson
Sahana Narasimhan, Violin - Vandeventer
Lauren Noble, Cello - Hunt
Angel Nugroho, Violin - Maus
Ethan Nguyen, Violin - Fowler
Nwanma Nwosu, Viola - Maus
Hayden O, Cello - Lawler
Jeemin Oh, Violin - Fowler
Sanvi Patel, Viola - Fowler
Vikshar Rajesh, Viola - Vandeventer
Joseph Ryu, Violin - Trent
Alp Sahin, Cello - Fowler
Shriya Satish, Violin - Vandeventer
Isabella Schnyder, Bass - Griffin
Sahana Sethuraman, Violin - Vandeventer
Aleena Sohani, Bass - Fowler
Yasaman Soleimani, Violin - Vandeventer
Junhyuk Song, Cello - Fowler
Namya Sripati, Viola - Vandeventer
Sahana Sudhakar, Violin - Trent
Harini Sundar, Violin - Vandeventer
Jayant Sunil, Bass - Nelson
Michelle Tang, Cello - Fowler
April Thela, Violin - Griffin
Armeen Torbatian, Viola - Fowler
Alisha Varghese, Cello - Pearson
Saihaasini Vissapragada, Bass - Nelson
Iris Wang, Harp - Fowler
Mathias Wong, Violin - Vandeventer
Christine Wu, Cello - Vandeventer
Thomas Yan, Violin - Fowler
Louie Yeh, Violin - Nelson
Callie Yim, Violin - Vandeventer
Cayden Yim, Violin - Nelson
Stephanie Yu, Harp - Lawler
Jeff Zhou, Violin - Fowler

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