Pre-AP Courses to be Renamed “Advanced”

Nov 14, 2020

illustration-of-switch-arrows from rawpixelFrisco ISD is retiring the term “Pre-AP” from courses and shifting to the term “Advanced” beginning in the 2021-22 school year. 

Historically, Frisco ISD has used a District-developed curriculum in Pre-AP classes that has shown proven results with students succeeding on College Board AP tests. FISD will continue to use this District-developed curriculum, but will no longer use the term Pre-AP because it is a registered trademark owned by the College Board that can only be used in relation to official College Board Pre-AP courses. 

“Advanced” will be placed behind any courses that are currently designated as “Pre-AP.” For example, Pre-AP English will become English I Advanced and Pre-AP Math 7 will become Math 7 Advanced.

“The District’s move to titling classes as Advanced allows FISD to avoid violating the use of the trademarked term, while maintaining the high quality standards and programming traditionally provided to students,” said Krishna Chetty, advanced academics coordinator.

Teachers, counselors and administrators on the Advanced Academics Advisory Committee completed a thorough review of the trademarked curriculum before deciding to keep the FISD curriculum.

“Our locally developed curriculum, paired with the innovative instructional strategies of our teachers, has proven highly successful in preparing students for AP, IB, dual credit, and other college-level courses,” Chetty said.

Notably, Frisco ISD boasts one of the largest AP programs in Texas and includes more than 30 AP courses and the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma. More than 25,000 secondary students currently participate in at least one Pre-AP or AP class in Frisco ISD.

“We are not changing anything other than the name,” said Dr. Angela Romney, managing director of academic programs. “Our Advanced coursework will reflect the continued high level of success in preparing students for dual credit and other advanced coursework.”

Advanced classes, like Pre-AP, will be open to enrollment by any student who is ready to challenge themselves by taking an advanced course in an area of interest. No prerequisites or requirements are required for these rigorous courses.

“Advanced classes parallel the general curriculum and incorporate all of the regular standards and essential skills, while imploring upon the students to take their learning to a deeper level and complexity at a faster pace,” Romney said. 

Advanced courses, like Pre-AP, will mimic the GPA for Rank scale currently in place. Click here to find the current GPA for Rank scale.

Students who are interested in taking Advanced coursework can learn more from their campus counselors and through the middle school and high school course catalogs that will be published in early December in anticipation of course selection in second semester.

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