Non-Teaching Staff Recognized as Standing Ovation Winners

Nov 10, 2020

October 2020 Standing Ovation Award Winning TrioCongratulations to Ashley Elementary’s Mayra Flores, Fowler Middle School’s Terrie Redman, and Roach Middle School’s Luis Urtecho who were recognized during Monday’s Board meeting as Frisco ISD’s Standing Ovation Award winners for the month of October.

The Standing Ovation Award winners are nominated by their peers and are distinguished examples of the District’s non-teaching staff. Through their positive attitude and servant leadership, they are shining examples of employees who take initiative and consistently carry out responsibilities beyond their job requirements. 

Mayra Flores - Ashley Elementary

Mayra Flores, a custodian at Ashley Elementary, is known for her sweet, humble and caring attitude as she carries out her work from day to day. In a year when sanitization is a priority, she has risen to the challenge with grace, including paying special attention to the three centralized specialized classes on campus. Ashley Elementary is thankful for her kind heart and considers themselves lucky to have Flores on their campus.

Terrie Redman - Fowler Middle School

As Fowler Middle School’s data clerk, Terrie Redman is known for her vast knowledge of how things work on campuses, as well as  her willingness to share her knowledge with a smile and encouragement. She tracks attendance, readily answers parent and staff questions and is quick to correct inaccuracies in attendance reporting. She is a resident expert on all things student related and makes a genuine effort to get to know each child and their family. She enjoys her job and shows up everyday to do it well with a keen attention to detail. 

Luis Urtecho - Roach Middle School

Luis Urtecho is a paraprofessional at Roach Middle School in the Specialized Behavior Support classroom. Urtecho cares deeply for students and staff across Roach and does not hesitate to go above and beyond during any “down time.” When he sees a need big or small, he is always there to help whether that means helping the custodial staff, hanging signs or moving furniture. He has even brought up his own tools to clean the courtyard and has been found edging, weeding and blowing. One can often see him staying well past his contract time to help coaches and students, and he is always there to celebrate student successes. 

This month’s winners were recognized for their strengths in collaboration, including their ability to: 

  • Encourage and create community involvement on the campus and in their department

  • Act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind 

Congratulations to Flores, Redman and Urtecho, who are shining examples of the District’s non-teaching staff!

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