Jazz Students Swing Into All-Region Ensembles

Oct 26, 2020

Students from all Frisco ISD high school bands auditioned for placement into one of the Region 24 All-Region Jazz Ensembles. 

Region 24 is a highly competitive region that includes Frisco, Little Elm, Prosper and McKinney ISDs and students had the additional challenge of auditioning virtually this school year.

Except for drums, each student’s audition consisted of one swing, one ballad and one Latin/funk etude. During the audition, the student musicians also had two choruses where they had to improvise during a solo performance. Drummers also demonstrated proficiency at Swing, Latin, and Fusion/Funk, but had the additional challenge of playing 16 measures at a variety of speeds and styles.

The Texas Music Educators Association and the Texas Jazz Educators Association work together to manage the jazz auditions, as students compete in hopes of eventually participating in one of two All-State Jazz ensembles. The All-State Jazz ensembles are unique among the TMEA All-State performing ensembles because they are made up of forty students who each play an un-doubled and individual part and are called upon to improvise extemporaneously during the final performance.

Congratulations to all of the students who were selected into one of the regional honor groups. Additionally, several of the students ranked high enough to move on to the Area level where they will complete for placement into the Texas All-State Jazz Ensembles (*).

Jazz 1

*River Aquino, Piano - Lone Star
*Bradley Buss, Tenor Sax - Lebanon Trail
*Aadit Choudhary, Trumpet - Liberty
Stanley Chuang, Vibes - Lebanon Trail
*Freddy Ferman, Bass Trombone - Lone Star
*Jacob Ogbu, Trombone - Lone Star
*Vishnuvardhan Ramesh, Alto Sax - Lebanon Trail
*Charles Stateler, Trombone - Lone Star
*John Caleb Timpani, Drums - Lebanon Trail
*Aniruth Vishnupriyan, Trumpet - Wakeland
*Sean Vo, Bass Guitar - Lebanon Trail
*Christopher Xiao, Trumpet - Liberty

Jazz 2

Armaan Bahl, Baritone Sax - Centennial
*Zach Ford, Trombone - Liberty
Garrett Hilburn, Alto Sax - Lebanon Trail
Isaac Jacinto, Tenor Sax - Lone Star
Jaxon Lane, Bass - Wakeland
Jacob Roco, Drums - Lebanon Trail
Nick Ryan, Trombone - Memorial
Rohan Jagannathan, Trumpet - Frisco
Emma Rugg, Trumpet - Lone Star
Jerimiah Saguil, Trombone - Lone Star
Apoorva Subramanian, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail
Bridgette Thomas, Trumpet - Lebanon Trail

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