Important Message Regarding Bus Transportation

Oct 16, 2020

bus-mask-dThe Frisco ISD Transportation Department is adjusting bus routes for the second nine weeks of school due to reduced ridership. All routes and schools with bus-eligible students will be affected. The new routes begin Monday, October 19.

With more than half of Frisco ISD families choosing Virtual Academy for the first nine weeks of school, and with that percentage remaining largely unchanged for the second nine weeks, the District expects ridership on buses to continue to remain significantly below capacity and ridership in prior years. As a result, and to be good stewards of District resources, the Transportation Department is consolidating routes in order to improve mileage efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. 

While the number of students on each bus will increase, the total will still be much lower than typical years. Face coverings will continue to be required for bus drivers/monitors and student riders, and bus drivers will continue to space students to provide for social distancing as capacity allows. See more details on enhanced safety and sanitation protocols in place. Families are also encouraged to consider alternative means of transportation to and from school such as dropping off and picking up students, carpooling or walking with their students to reduce possible exposure on school buses. 

Beginning at 12 p.m. on October 16, bus-eligible families may log onto Infofinder to find their new:

  • Bus number

  • Pick-up / Drop-off Location

  • Pick-up / Drop-off Time(s)

Follow the instructions below to access your student’s bus information on Infofinder:

  1. Access Infofinder at this link. The link is also available from the District Transportation website or by clicking the “Parents” button on the homepage of the District website, 

  2. Once Infofinder appears, enter the student’s address with street, lane, drive, etc. Do not enter zip code, grade or school; address only

  3. Click on search and bus information will appear

If you have any questions regarding locating your child’s bus information, you may email Transportation Coordinator Farah Williams at A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the new routes is available on our website.

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