Frisco ISD Promotes Culture of Voting

Sep 23, 2020

Resources for FISD VotersTuesday is National Voter Registration Day and just two weeks remain to register for the November 3rd election. Frisco ISD encourages all citizens to participate in the electoral process, and the District actively prepares students for this rite of passage long before they receive a voter registration card in their twelfth grade government class.

Kindergarteners are introduced to the concept of voting “as a method for group decision making” based on the requirements of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). This skill is built upon each year of elementary school as students learn more about what it takes to be a responsible citizen.

Rachel Sartor is a Robertson Elementary teacher and has had the joy of teaching social studies in her second and third grade classrooms. She emphasizes that teachers want to make this high-level concept relatable to students, no matter their age.

“For example, in second grade, students had to think about the qualities of what makes an important line leader before confidentially voting,” Sartor said. “Later, when the line leader was able to appoint a caboose, the students were able to learn the differences between elected and appointed officials.

“Students quickly learn that they have a voice and their opinion matters.”

By the time students approach voting age, they will have covered voting in additional courses in middle school and high school where they learn about everything from the history of voter suppression to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

“Almost all social studies courses have citizenship and government strands that introduce students to examples of types of governments but also the nature and responsibilities of participating in a representative government,” said Jeremiah Rush, secondary social studies coordinator. “Encouraging students to get involved in the civic process is really important.

“Students graduate knowing they have a role to play as voters.”   

All high school students and staff have access to voter registration cards in the libraries of each campus and, as required by the Secretary of State, each campus also has a deputy voter registrar.

Recently, Liberty High School provided students on and off-campus the opportunity to register to vote. Virtual students had designated times when they could drive up and register from the comfort of their car.

Amanda Peters teaches AP government and AP human geography at Liberty and emphasizes to her students that there are many ways to participate in an election whether it is voting, block walking or financially contributing to candidates.

“Their participation in the process can result in policy changes they want to see implemented,” Peters said. “Voting is the number one way to do that.”

“The promotion of voting as a key facet of our democracy is at the heart of being an American and our responsibility as citizens,” said Dr. Mike Waldrip, Frisco ISD superintendent.

In 2017, the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to create and support a culture of voting within FISD. A culture of voting is one that encourages maximum participation by District employees and eligible students in the elections process. To learn more about this resolution and the culture of voting in Frisco ISD, click here.

Click here to find a resource for FISD voters in Collin and Denton counties. Click here to register to vote or to find out if you're already registered. If you’re interested in learning about when and where you can vote, you will find the information here.

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