Welcome to Our New FISD Teachers

Welcome ImageAs a destination district of more than 64,000 students, the District is also one that receives thousands of applicants each year for its teaching positions.

This year, the District is honored to welcome 600 new classroom teachers who represent nearly 170 different colleges and universities. Of those, 28% of them are first-year teachers.

Frisco ISD is also proud to welcome former FISD students as teachers across the District, including 7% of the new hires in the 2020-21 school year. One of those new teachers is Ashley Elementary special education teacher Kaila Zoda who is a recent college graduate and Centennial High School alumna.

“I love the community Frisco ISD brings to not only the students, but also the staff,” Zoda said. “I have been welcomed with open arms and have really enjoyed my time being back and look forward to my first year teaching.”

Staff new to Frisco ISD were welcomed in late July by the Frisco Chamber of Commerce in a community-wide New Teacher Welcome event that included a live broadcast and goodie bags delivered to each campus. The event highlighted the partnership between the City, sponsors and the District.

Teachers got to hear from notable speakers including Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney, FISD Board President Chad Rudy, Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip, Preston Trail Community Pastor Jim Mustain, RBFCU Business Development Officer Jenifer Florence, FISD Director of Community Relations Allison Miller and Coserv Manager of Community Relations Whitney Gohlke.

Dr. Waldrip spoke on the incredible partnerships and support within the Frisco ISD community and encouraged teachers to ask for help when they need it.

“We are in a time of tremendous change, but regardless of what comes our way, we will provide a quality education for our students. We will do our best and keep in mind the two things that are always under our control. Our attitude and effort.”

These new Frisco ISD teachers are eager to get started. 

“I am most excited to meet my new students once school starts and be able to collaborate with my wonderful team,” Zoda said. “I can’t wait to grow with my students and help them become successful throughout this school year.”

To help the teachers get started, the Frisco Education Foundation gave $250 to 44 deserving teachers thanks to a CoServ endowment. In addition, all teachers in Frisco ISD will receive a $250 stipend in their September paycheck that helps alleviate the costs often associated with teaching and buying supplies.

Across the District, new teachers are being welcomed to their new campuses with socially distanced open arms.

“The welcome I have received is like no other,” Zoda said. “Everyone has been kind, patient and willing to help me learn as a new teacher. 

“They do not hesitate to let me know they are here for me and will support me in any way possible.”

Welcome to all of our new teachers, who help make the District #StrongerTogether

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