Summer Bridge Continues to Provide a Path to the New School Year

Jul 20, 2020

This summer, rising secondary students had the opportunity to continue learning over the summer through synchronous lessons via the Summer Bridge program.

Over the course of three and a half weeks, Summer Bridge had more than 18,300 visits from students who worked under the guidance of Frisco ISD teachers on the necessary skills to prepare for their core classes in the upcoming school year. They attended a variety of classes including everything from 6th grade English to a course on social-emotional learning.

“It was better than I could have ever imagined,” said Tiffany Carey, director of innovative learning. “Once the students got used to the Summer Bridge system, there was no stopping them.”

The students of Frisco ISD are driven and were eager to engage in learning this summer.

The majority of students engaged in math classes with more than 6,600 visits, while English took a close second with nearly 5,800 visitors.

At the end of the Summer Bridge, a number of students expressed their thanks for the opportunity to engage in learning this summer.

“This program was incredibly beneficial, in the way that it helped me prepare for a subject that I would be taking,” said Reedy High School junior Ashu Cingareddy. “My teacher was very helpful, he always taught in a way that was sure to be understood by us students and he would always explain the topic in depth if we had any questions.”

Over the course of three and a half weeks, an average of 1,145 students attended classes each day.

The best part about Summer Bridge is that the experience can still be accessed by students around the District. While the live teaching and engagement sessions are no longer an option, students can still watch the videos that were recorded in the lessons. 

Please make sure your student is logged in through their student Google account in order to access each course, webinar, or the Google Classroom tutorial.

As a first-year teacher and Summer Bridge instructor, Independence High School English teacher Thomas Ray jumped at the opportunity to engage with students again.

“The synchronous learning during the Summer Bridge program was amazing because we were able to engage in real time and have a robust dialogue as we delved deeper into foundational skills preparing them for the new year,” Thomas said. “We were engaged the whole time and I’m proud to say that I witnessed student growth during the three weeks we virtually met.”

Thomas said he really “wanted the students to connect with literature and help them understand that it’s more than just reading a book. More than a few times, we were so engaged in learning and discussion that the end of the instruction time would sneak up on us.”

It was not all about preparing academically, the social-emotional learning class not only had consistent visitors day after day, it was also the third most visited class.

“Our students had a wonderful opportunity to connect with each other through the Summer Bridge program,” said Andrea Erwin, student assistance coordinator. “Students and parents were receptive and enthusiastic to continue learning socially and emotionally. 

“The Student Assistance Coordinators were so excited to meet with students and teach lifelong skills through socialization.”

It was truly a great experience for students and teachers that provided a glimpse into the benefits of synchronous and asynchronous learning while staying attune to the social-emotional needs of students.

To learn more about what courses were offered this summer, click here.

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