Frisco Fastpacs' Summer Meal Program Supports FISD Students

Jun 02, 2020

Frisco Fastpacs Volunteers Distribute Meals at Lawler Middle School

The Frisco Station Partnership, developer of Frisco Station and composed of Hillwood, The Rudman Partnership and VanTrust Real Estate, has partnered with Frisco Fastpacs and Frisco ISD (FISD) to launch the Frisco Fastpacs’ Summer Meal Challenge sponsored by Frisco Station. The program will provide three meals a day, seven days a week throughout summer school, to students across all 72 FISD schools. To ensure the program’s success, the Frisco Station Partnership will match all monetary donations made to Frisco Fastpacs, up to $15,000, through the end of June.

“The current COVID-19 health and economic crisis has put an unforeseen financial burden on many communities and families all over the region,” said Trey Sibley, general manager of The Rudman Partnership. “We’ve witnessed firsthand the need our Frisco community is facing and we hope that by matching every donation, we will ensure that students in need are taken care of all summer long.”

Founded in 2013, Frisco Fastpacs regularly provides weekend meal packs during the school year to over 1,000 students enrolled in FISD. Each pack includes seven non-perishable, easily-prepared meals for children to eat over the weekend. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Frisco Fastpacs has increased its number served to 1,607 students, distributing 42,227 meals to date. As the coronavirus crisis continues, Frisco Fastpacs has agreed to aid FISD in serving meals throughout the month of June, ensuring that families in need of packs will receive them after the regular school year, before the start of summer school and during the course of summer classes. “Our goal is to ensure that no child in Frisco has to endure hunger when school is not in session,” said Heather Canterbury, executive director of Frisco Fastpacs. “With the current pandemic, this goal has become increasingly difficult to reach as students are no longer in school, and food supply has seen a 300 percent increase in price. With the help of the partnership, Frisco Fastpacs will be able to provide a never-before-seen summer meal program for the children of Frisco.”

The meal program will provide an additional layer of assistance to students served by the Frisco ISD Child Nutrition Department, which is providing free breakfast and lunch for students five days a week during the month of June.

“Frisco ISD is grateful for the continued support of Frisco Fastpacs, which has stepped up in a big way for students facing food insecurity during this difficult time,” said Frisco ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Mike Waldrip. “We thank Frisco Station Partnership for their generosity and commitment to matching community donations to this worthwhile cause. The consistency and continuity of this service is especially impactful for families who have been impacted financially by COVID-19. By putting more food on the table, the summer meal program will provide a daily source of nutrition and stability, alleviating some of the stress and worry many families are experiencing at this time.”

For more information or to make your pledge, please visit: or text FASTPACS to 707070.

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