New Partnership Expands Student Access to Tarleton State University

Starting with the Class of 2021, Frisco ISD graduates in the top 25% of their graduating classes will earn automatic admission to Tarleton State University.

The benefit is part of a partnership between FISD and Tarleton to ensure higher educational opportunities for high achieving students in FISD.

In addition to automatic admission, Tarleton will also waive the requirement for these students to submit ACT or SAT scores.

“This partnership is part of a larger effort to increase access and options for our students following graduation,” said Dr. Stephanie Cook, managing director of guidance and counseling for Frisco ISD. “Tarleton may be especially attractive to students interested in engineering or veterinary medicine, among other fields.”

Tarleton will also waive the admissions application fee for FISD students who meet the criteria and offer additional scholarships to FISD applicants. Students who qualify for Tarleton’s Guaranteed Award Program (GAP) will receive an award guarantee $1,000 above the GAP level for which they qualify if the student is ranked in the top 10% of their graduating class, or $500 above the GAP for which they qualify if the student is ranked in the top 25% (but not top 10%) of their graduating class.

“We’re very excited to partner with Frisco ISD to ensure that some of the best and brightest students in Texas have the opportunity for a high-quality university experience,” said Tarleton President James L. Hurley. “They are destined to be our leaders and we have a social and economic responsibility to invest in their well-being.

“This partnership aligns with our commitment to become a first-choice institution for regional high school seniors.”

In exchange for these benefits, FISD agrees to communicate the availability of this opportunity to students, parents and other stakeholders, as well as inform each qualifying graduate of the opportunity for automatic admission to Tarleton upon submission of an application.

Tarleton will provide ongoing support to Frisco ISD, such as financial aid, admissions and degree counseling.

The agreement begins with the Class of 2021 and is set to automatically renew for up to four successive annual terms.

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