Virtual Field Day Brings Fun Home for Elementary Students

May 11, 2020

Virtual Field DayThe annual Field Day at each Frisco ISD elementary school gives students in all grade levels the chance to participate in fun activities and competitions. But with remote learning in effect for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, continuing the tradition required some creativity.

Fortunately, the physical education coaches at FISD’s 42 elementary schools were up to the challenge. The coaches put together a collection of 42 activities and events that are part of a Virtual Field Day for students and their families.

So many activities are available, the Virtual Field Day is actually a weeklong event. From Monday, May 11 to Sunday, May 17, students and other members of their families can try any -- or all -- of the “stations,” which feature titles such as the Pillow High Jump, Tic-Tac-Toe Relay, Slipper Kick and Sasquatch Shuffle. Following the tradition of Field Day, there are also lots of opportunities to get wet.

“All 42 elementary P.E. coaches wanted to do our normal spring Field Day,” said J.T. Mistr, FISD’s lead teacher for elementary P.E. “But of course once we knew that wasn't going to happen, we felt compelled to find a plan.”

The plan included each coach coming up with an event and creating a short instructional video for it. The videos, featuring P.E. coaches and their family members, can be found here.

Sem Elementary P.E. coach Gail Percle designed a shirt for the coaches to wear in the videos, and Talley Elementary P.E. coach J.R. May headed up the video production. It was a group effort that the coaches hope will provide students and their families entertaining opportunities for physical activity during a time when people are staying at home more to combat the spread of COVID-19.

Since in-person classes were suspended in March, FISD P.E. coaches have created weekly choice boards with activities that their students can do to fulfill their exercise requirements. The Virtual Field Day is an extension of those activities, with an added dose of fun and chance to connect on social media. The coaches are asking the students to share their favorite activity on Twitter with the hashtag #FISDPE.

“There is a national-level event being done and it is first rate, but we wanted to do something more personal for FISD, our campuses and students,” Mistr said. “We wanted to show our unity, and I believe this event does that.”

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