Scoggins Students Find Theatrical Inspiration at Home

May 06, 2020

Emma Heinicke and Her Younger Sister present Donkey from ShrekWhen students left Kristin Figueroa’s Scoggins Middle School theatre class for Spring Break, they were preparing for a memorable group project.

“Every year, Theatre I students look forward to the annual costuming assignment when they have the opportunity to design costumes for cartoon characters,” Figueroa said. “It usually culminates in a fun runway show.”

This year, the students were challenged to design costumes for cartoon or fairy tale characters without using fabric. Students could only use items they found in their homes or were able to rescue out of their recycling bins. 

“We touch on a variety of subjects in Theatre 1 and costuming is covered as an introductory aspect of Technical Theatre,” Figueroa said. “They always have big ideas but their eagerness to participate and bring their ideas to fruition is my favorite part.

Tyler Smith as Wall-E “It forces them to look at things in different ways and understand how in theatre, we always create, and do not always buy, costumes. It’s great preparation for high school as they creatively explore different shapes and textures.”

In the end, there were lots of grocery bags and cardboard boxes given new life through this project.

Rebecca (Becca) Rovner as BelleWhole families got involved as the students created unconventional costumes and put them on models. Notable models included younger siblings and pets who stood attentively as students explained what they created and the materials they used via pre recorded videos they uploaded to Flipgrid.

Ultimately, it was about creativity and how they used materials in different ways.

”The students loved presenting their final projects, but the best part is that the families got involved and had fun being creative as a family,” Figueroa said. “There were even some kids who typically struggle with participation at school but have been thriving at home.” 

Throughout the eLearning process, Figueroa has enjoyed watching her students grow in new ways as they navigate digital platforms. During eLearning, her students have had positively interacted and encouraged each other as they utilize the digital citizenship skills they learned through their technology class.

“As I’m growing as a teacher, they are growing as students and it’s really cool to witness,” she said.

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