Non-Teaching Employees Deserve a Standing Ovation

Feb 19, 2020

January Standing Ovation Winners.Each month, Frisco ISD recognizes employees who exemplify servant leadership and are shining examples of the non-teaching staff. 

The Standing Ovation Award identifies those who serve the mission of knowing every student by name and need while going above and beyond the call of duty.

Standing Ovation Award candidates are nominated by their peers and exhibit a positive attitude while serving as a role model for others. The nominated staff take the initiative and consistently carry out responsibilities beyond their job requirements. 

Congratulations to the January winners of the Standing Ovation Award.

Cindy Bradford, Borchardt Elementary School

  • Cindy Bradford is a paraprofessional who serves special education students at Borchardt Elementary in the life skills classroom. Bradford has a big heart and always finds time to help those around her. She is dedicated to her students and continually seeks professional learning opportunities in order to improve upon her craft. She works closely with the life skills teacher to plan community-based instructional activities. With Bradford’s support, students in life skills get to experience movies, grocery shopping, eating at restaurants and much more. She arrives early each day and greets the students who arrive with a smile. She also helps substitutes get signed in and find their classrooms. Her early arrival helps ensure the safety of all students and makes sure everyone feels welcome.

Barbara Colbert, Child Nutrition

  • Barbara Colbert works in the Child Nutrition Department in the role of quality assurance. While she assures the quality across 70 cafeterias, taking great pride in ensuring students and staff have the best quality product. She gives of herself both on and off campus through her interest in helping those around her. She encourages professional growth and does not hesitate to provide literature to help someone take their next step in the profession. Colbert has been with the District for over 20 years and is always looking for something new and challenging, including the new role she took on this year. As a servant leader, she is very thorough and doesn’t let anything slide. She addresses any issue as it occurs and is the first to applaud when a job is well done. She is a strong leader who takes the time to both teach and encourage.

Amena Elkadri, Fisher Elementary

  • Amena Elkadri works in the cafeteria of Fisher Elementary, where she takes time out of her day, every single day, to greet kids and ask questions about how they are doing. She creates vital connections to students who make it part of their daily routine to talk or read with her or give her a hug. She praises students and roots them on when they tell her about their life and schooling. Fisher Elementary is thankful that its team includes Elkadri, a wonderful cheerleader, role model and person.

Lori Wassam, Central Administration

  • Lori Wassam has worked for Frisco ISD for 16 years and is the District’s demographer. She is at the center of any redistricting, and when she receives calls from concerned families, she is honest, genuinely empathetic and encouraging. She is sometimes the first person a family new to Frisco talks to and her kindness resonates, creating a positive first impression of the District. She often steps up and helps with events without being asked and it is not uncommon for Wassam to be the last one working. Her dedication to showing kindness to everyone she encounters exemplifies her willingness to go above and beyond in every aspect of her day.

Recipients were surprised by a visit and certificate from Superintendent Dr. Mike Waldrip. These outstanding individuals were also recognized at the February Board meeting with a commemorative trophy.

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