Community Gathers for FISD Dance Show Offs

Feb 04, 2020

All Show Off Dancers 2020.Last week, the bleachers of Memorial High School were full of adoring family, friends and Frisco ISD staff in support of the annual FISD Dance Show Offs.

For the first time in Frisco ISD history, the Show Offs included drill teams from all 10 high schools. Directors around the District guided their dancers to clean and polish their routines throughout the year and the dancers were excited to share their growth.

“I think our 5th Annual FISD Dance Showoffs was our best one yet,” said Cami Cole, Memorial High School Dance director. “This is the only day in the year when we get to see all of the other drill teams in our District. We all have high mutual respect and admiration for each other.”

While the performances were majestic and entertaining, it was also an opportunity for the dancers to receive professional feedback. 

“We were able to bring in a judging panel for the first time,” Cole said. “The judges made talk tapes and comment cards based on what they saw on the floor. While there was no competition or ranking, the judges were there to give the teams one last critique to work with before heading to upcoming competitions.”

The teams showed a diversity of strengths across the District as they performed hip hop, jazz, pom, lyrical, military, prop and contemporary routines.

Between routines, Fine Arts Director Pete Hazzard emceed the event, interviewing captains and leaders of each team. It allowed students to take ownership of their respective programs while giving a perspective of their own personal journey in the drill team.

“My favorite part of the entire experience is showing off our dances to people who ‘get it’,” Cole said. “The teams know how hard the drill team can be at times and what it takes to get our routines to the level to show off.” 

Showcase in motion.It was a truly special night of support, encouragement and fun while each drill team showcased its unique personal style. 

Thank you to the leaders of the dance and drill teams who exemplify strong leadership and class while representing the District.

Centennial High School Sweethearts
Director -  Marina Gonzalez
Captain - Alaina Gunn

Frisco High School Stars
Director - Kendra Kullman
Captain - Bethany Tomlin

Heritage High School Highsteppers
Directors - Sydne Estel and Ashlee Cloud
Captain - Catherine Carias

Independence High School Royals
Director - Jolene Bourque
Captain - Marina Cassidy

Lebanon Trail High School Emerald Elite
Director - Jamie Harmon
Captain - Kristina Fan

Liberty High School Red Rhythm
Directors - Nicole Nothe and Sarah Cadungug
Captain - Ellie Cline

Lone Star High School Rangerettes
Directors - Katie Lubojaski and Emily Morales
Captain - Natalie Cain

Memorial High School Black Diamonds
Director - Cami Cole
Captains - Ainsley Carter and Abigail Lynch

Reedy High School Sapphires
Directors - Kristy Platt and Christine Kleinecke
Captains - Ashley Leonard and Allison England

Wakeland High School Legacy Line
Director - Shanna Grubb
Captains - Lainey Watson and Cara Wilson

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